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Erin F.
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A transformation that has occurred has been literally a new found love for my yoni!!! There are certainly still blocks around pleasure and a lot more I have to navigate but this simple yet potent appreciation and love towards my yoni has transformed the way I think about that space and care for it. It is like a new friend or part of me that has come into the light.

Genevieve P.
Insert Designation Like Coach/Writer/Mom

I've been on a spiritual journey and it has been beautiful and necessary but there was something missing and I know now that it was embodiment. I have been so detached from my body, my pleasure, my presence. I now feel myself sinking down into myself through your sessions and teachings and practices. You're lighting the way for me, and all of us, to say "get back in that body, that is where your magic lies". A big a-ha moment for me was  to pay attention to my cycle, to listen to and honour my body.

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Shayna Hiller

I’m grateful to be connected in this vast virtual vortex. I’m here to remind you of your inherent ability to transform your life and birth your deepest desires from a place of ease and magnetism, as opposed to hustle and overwhelm. 

The reason I am so passionate about helping women heal and reclaim their power is because I’ve experienced complete metamorphosis myself, more than once!

As women we are cyclical beings, which means that we encounter various cycles in our lives. You can think of them as chapters. Just think back ten years ago. Does it feel like a different lifetime? That’s likely because it was. 

The various versions of ourselves serve a purpose, and when the cycle is complete, a natural transition into a different archetypes and expression takes place. This could show up as a relationship change, a career shift, transitioning into motherhood, navigating menopause and so many more iterations of self. It’s common to resist these evolutions and cling to the known. But just as the caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly, you are also programmed for greatness beyond measure.

There is a collective shift happening, where women are reclaiming their power and allowing their feminine energy to support them in their personal, professional and creative pursuits.

It is my mission to remind women of the importance of cultivating pleasure for health, creativity, empowerment, wealth and longevity.

As a health and wellness expert with nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve personally discovered that yoga, meditation, nutrition and biohacking are perhaps one part of the equation. But the main ingredient that helped me finally heal from a severe eating disorder, sexual trauma and ten years with no menstrual cycle was embracing my feminine energy and learning to love my body and see it as a miracle to be treasured as opposed to a burden to be judged, deprived and shamed. 

I’ve also seen the shift in my clients, which is why I’ve evolved from just teaching yoga and health coaching for the past 16 years to also incorporating trauma healing, self-love, feminine vitality, embodiment and the cultivation of pleasure as necessary aspects of living a healthy, fulfilling life. 

I look forward to serving you on your journey to remembering your innate wisdom and power as a woman.


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