Have you hit a wall in your relationship and are desperately looking to reignite your love & connection with your partner?


​Have your passions in life suddenly died and you long to re-ignite your creativity?


Would you like to improve your experience of sensuality, sexuality & intimacy?


Are you going through heartache or divorce and need emotional support & healing?


Would you like to experience more heart-opening and attract more LOVE into your life?


Do you desire to re-connect with your body, mind & spirit for greater joy & pleasure​​?

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

For Couples & Singles 

with Shayna Hiller & Diego Wallraff

If you are going through challenging times in your life and every fiber in your body is longing for a solution this might just be it!

Personal retreat and 1:1 intimacy coaching are the perfect opportunities to embark on a transformational journey exclusively curated for your individual needs and desires.

One-on-One support provides you with focused and passionate attention not available in a group experience. This guarantees that you will learn valuable tools to create your dream life, for real!

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Experience The Benefits

  • Enhanced energy and creativity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capacity for greater intimacy
  • Healing, joy, and empowerment​
  • More love, passion, and sensuality
  • Insights to transform all aspects of your life

Our work together can be structured in a variety of ways to fit your personal needs, desires, and schedules.

Hear what our clients have to say

Wow Pow Holy Cow Batman! I am writing this testimonial wrapped in an ardent embrace from my "new" sex positive husband who was sex-phobic prior to a 5-day Aloha intensive with Diego and Shayna. I was resentful and angry at the perceived rejections and we were locked in cycles we didn't understand or know how to break. I cannot imagine two more adept and magical guides back to love than these two luminous beings. Both of us had to do our part. This is not for the faint of have to have the courage to overcome your limitations and be confronted. But if you leap...these two loving and beautiful guides will hold the space for your personalized transformative journey. It wasn't always easy or comfortable, but it was ultimately a lot of fun and you WILL BE amazed and delighted on the other side. We are recharged and reimagined returning to "reality" switched on and not just hopeful...we are more in love with ourselves and life and each other than ever before. If you are looking for a miracle, look no further. It worked. It works!

-- Lisa L., Relationship + Life Coach

I came here looking for a more intimate connection with my husband. I’m leaving renewed, rebirthed and more in love with myself, my worth and my Heavenly Father. 

My life is forever changed and transformed.

-- Kristie D.

Shayna & Diego have created a retreat unlike anything available. They are bridging the gap between Yoga and Tantra which brings you to a better understanding of life.

I have been to 3 of their retreats now and each time it’s life changing!

-- Kevin C.

Shayna and Diego are the real thing.

They are warm, light, approachable and unpretentious, but do not mistake that for any lack of commitment, depth, seriousness or integrity, as it’s all there, and they are the whole package — encouraging, inclusive, expansive, and able to laugh at themselves too. 

I feel lucky to have them as teachers.

-- Daniel H.

Thank you! You saved our marriage and made us both better people.

-- Dave P, Physicist

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Meet Diego

My Transformative Coaching style involves communication coupled with dynamic practices that reach deep into the cellular system of the body, which is where the issues are "recorded" into the body's memory.

As a bodyworker of 30+ years, I know the hiding places and that's why I developed my unique multi-tiered approach to addressing deeply rooted issues to help you process them effectively, so you can feel LIBERATED & EMPOWERED to reach ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

Diego Wallraff


We do regular upgrades for our phones and computers, so why not do this for our bodies?


My experience with traditional talk therapy is: it helps for a while... until it doesn’t.

My experience with couple's therapy was similar: it's something that felt "right to do", "we owed it to our relationship" yet - in retrospect - even simply driving to the therapy sessions felt like "punishment" and we couldn't wait until it was over... which ultimately didn't help either.

"We failed" - we divorced - a painful experience for everyone and I felt deeply crushed!

I could not believe that there wasn't a more successful system out there in the "therapy world”.

So, driven by great desire for learning, I embarked on a journey of discovery with the inquiry:

"how to do personal growth, expansion, and relationships correctly?”

After years of certificate programs and intensive trainings, I'm happy to be able to offer an effective approach to coaching that I wish I could have had at the time when I was in need.

My training is informed by various programs & disciplines:

  • Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, CA
  • Human Awareness Institute, CA
  • SkyDancing Tantra Institute, CA
  • California Healing Arts College, CA
  • Shiatsu School of Santa Monica, CA


I have been facilitating the experiential program at the CENTER FOR HEALTHY SEX in Los Angeles , CA where I guide participants in Breathwork & Sounds for greater HEART CONNECTION and HEALING.


Coaching In Harmony

We have been teaching together since we met as happy singles in 2013. While our journey has evolved into a romantic partnership, our union began with a shared inspiration and desire to fuse our wisdom and teach together. With over 30 years experience, our combined expertise in Yoga, Tantra, Holistic Health + Coaching, along with our passion and personal experience provides a unique opportunity for learning, personal breakthrough, and transformation on the path to embodied self-love and deeper intimacy in relationships and life.

One of our very first co-creations was a mini video series called Relation-Tips which we and viewers enjoyed very much. We went on to host many transformative TantraYoga retreats in California and Costa Rica which quickly confirmed the magic & power of teaching as a duo. Under the umbrella of yoga, our workshops addressed intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, relationships, heart-opening, purpose, and healing.

Now that our own relationship has matured more, we have rekindled the spark and are eager to share the insights we’ve gathered over the years of “heavy relationshipping” and from our individual work in guiding and coaching hundreds of clients through life challenges and transitions.

If you've explored other therapy modalities and are still hitting blocks or feeling stuck, we understand and we've got you. Our work moves beyond traditional talk therapy and goes into the body, to dislodge emotions and trauma that may be stored in the tissues and to awaken new energy pathways. Our integrative psychosomatic approach is one-of-a-kind, and the experience is most definitely the teacher.

Sessions may include:

  • Yoga & Qi Gong
  • Breathwork
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Communication Practices
  • Bodywork
  • Energy Healing
  • Nature Therapy
  • Intimacy Rituals
  • Sound Baths


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