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My name is Shayna Hiller.

Sixteen years ago I became a yoga teacher, before yoga was popular (yep, that time actually existed). Yoga changed my life and opened me up to my capacity to live from a place of self-acceptance and trust instead of deprivation and fear. It taught me how to access my creativity and connect to the wisdom of my body. Through the practices of Yoga and the Tao Tantric Arts, I gained the confidence to listen to my womb, follow my heart and trust my intuition, which has allowed me to flourish on a personal and professional level.

I combine my expertise in yogic studies, health coaching and women's sensuality with 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the ever-evolving wellness field in order to educate and empower women to accept and love their bodies and generate pleasure, prosperity and purpose in their lives.

I bridge the mystical yogic teachings with simple practices you can apply in your everyday life. Your body is a temple, and you are sacred. It's time to celebrate, sister!

Love From Clients

Joshua Rosenthal

Shayna's knowledge of food, health and healing is deep and personal. Her methods are unique and highly effective.

Cyrus Sigari
President - jetAVIVA

There are three Shaynas: Shayna the teacher - a teacher dedicated to helping every one of her clients reach their goals - whatever it may be: spiritually, physically, sexually, or otherwise. Shayna the person - Shayna the person is one of the kindest and brightest human beings you will ever meet. Shayna the practitioner - Shayna wakes up every morning with a student's curiosity of the world, always searching for more answers to the never-ending questions that confront all of us.

Nikki Sharp
Author, Wellness Entrepreneur

Shayna is like no other yoga teacher I've had. Her classes are filled with spirituality, beautiful yoga flows, words of wisdom, interesting stories that she always manages to relate to what you might be going through, and laughter. She is a rising star and one to watch out for!

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 10.16.56 PM
Marcela Silva

Taking a private class with Shayna and being surrounded by her bright and joyful energy is one of the best gifts I've ever given to myself. With her gentle guidance and intuitive approach, Shayna has taught me to listen to my body and make specific adjustments to refine my practice. She's light, and her sense of humor is contagious. I always end up feeling calm and with a big smile on my face.

Natalie Kennedy
Relationship Coach & Podcast Host Orange County, CA

Shayna is truly one of a kind and I will happily recommend her to yoga teachers and entrepreneurs seeking to make money while still staying in alignment with the heart.