Brunch Burrito Recipe

Who doesn’t love brunch? Please, if you find that person, let me know, and I will discuss the issue with them over brunch.

Brunch signifies the weekend, sleeping in, hearty food, and good company. In LA, it seems like brunch is a daily happening, which is pretty cool… unless over-indulgence is associated with this mid-day meal.

Interestingly enough, ‘brunch time’ is generally a good time to have food. Our digestive fire is strongest when the sun is highest, so around 2pm. It is better for the system to eat mid-day than it is to eat heavy food first thing in the morning or late at night.

That being said, stuffing ourselves with bacon and pancakes on a daily basis isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered. . . or perhaps he did, but that was at brunch. Anyway…

Home cooking is healthier 90% of the time. I say 90% because I live in a place where organic whole foods are readily available. I feel blessed to not have to concern myself with whether or not my local eatery is using rancid cooking oils or white table salt. So unless you are surrounded with organic food suppliers, cooking serves as a way for you to monitor what exactly goes into your food.

Here is my take on a healthy ‘Brunch Burrito’ or ‘Huevos Rancheros’, if you want to sound fancy.

If you’re vegan, just leave out the eggs and it will still be just as yummy.


2 large eggs

1 tbsp water

pinch black pepper

1 ½ tsp olive oil

½ cup chopped kale

1 small organic tomato, chopped

1/2 handful fresh organic cilantro

1/2 avocado

1 Ezekiel sprouted corn tortilla or other gluten free tortilla

Directions: In small bowl, beat the eggs with the water and pepper. Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the egg mixture and stir slowly, scraping the bottom and sides. Add kale and saute with egg mixture. Continue cooking until eggs reach desired consistency.

Brush tortilla with olive oil on both sides, sprinkle sea salt, and wrap in foil. Heat at 300 degrees in oven, about 5 minutes. Place the egg/kale mixture on the warmed tortilla and top with tomato, cilantro and sliced avocado. Optional addition: homemade salsa, cayenne pepper, or hot sauce.

Now, this is a brunch you can enjoy more than once per week! You’ve got your nutrient rich greens, brain-boosting avocado, and protein rich eggs… not to mention the powerful detoxifying benefits of cilantro, anti-inflammatory benefits of cayenne pepper and hot peppers, and let’s not forget to mention the avoidance of dairy, meat, and wheat without sacrificing taste! SCORE!

Bon appétit!

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