Embodied Wisdom Women’s Mini-Retreat

Sensuality is connected to the creative force of the Universe that exists within each of us… The pulse of life itself…When our connection to pleasure is compromised or suppressed, we may feel stuck or blocked creatively. It’s as if we know there’s more for us but we just can’t seem to manifest with ease or attract what we truly desire. In fact, we may not even feel clear with our true desires when we are disconnected from our sensuality! We may find ourselves in a cycle of frustration, procrastination, confusion or self-sabotage. If this is you, deeeeep breath…. there’s a reason you’re reading this right now!

Your body is the vessel through which you have the miraculous opportunity to experience all of the senses of the material world. It is a blessing and a gift. When understood, cultivated and harnessed mindfully, connecting to your body in a new way and awakening your sensuality can be used to enhance aspects of our lives such as business, music, poetry, relationships, health and overall peace of mind.

Join Shayna Hiller for a unique local mini-retreat designed to support you in awakening your feminine power through the Tao Tantric Arts. This workshop is for womb-space bearers with a desire to:

  • deepen their self-love practice
  • feel more connected to their body’s wisdom
  • enhance intuitive skills
  • awaken womb wisdom
  • inspire creativity, ease and flow
  • learn everyday tools for increasing pleasure
  • become magnetic and receptive to love and abundance
  • generate greater intimacy with self and others
  • feel confident and empowered in all areas of life
  • release fears and blocks related around sensuality and femininity
  • overcome past trauma
  • heal from body image issues/eating disorders

Something truly magical happens when women come together in a safe, sacred space. Come see and feel for yourself!

No experience needed, only curiosity and a desire to feel yummy.

Please note: This retreat is for those who identify as a woman with a desire to deepen their self-love practice and learn more about the ancient teachings of the Tao Tantric Arts. If you do not have a physical womb, you can still work with your energetic womb space which can be deeply transformative. If you’ve gone through menopause or are in the process, these practices will teach you how to channel your energy in a way that keeps you feeling vital, sensual and empowered.

There will be no nudity in this retreat.This transformational journey includes:

  • dynamic meditations
  • sharing circles
  • embodiment practices
  • breathwork
  • shamanic rituals
  • qi gong for cultivating energy
  • discussion & lecture
  • guided visualization
  • journal prompts
  • partner exercises
  • maybe even some gifts 🎁

Location: Unplug Meditation Santa Monica, California

Whether you live in LA or not, it’s worth flying out for a weekend of sunshine, self-care, learning, sisterhood and deep nourishment for your body, mind and soul. Oh yeah, and some magic… 🪄

What to wear:
Loose comfortable clothing

What to bring:

  • An eye mask (if you have one, otherwise they will be provided)
  • An open mind

*Retreat includes one month FREE subscription to the Unplug Meditation App!

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May 14 - 15 2022

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