Embodied Wisdom

Yoga & Sensuality Retreat For Women

March 5-11, 2022 Mystica Retreat, Costa Rica

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Blessings Sister…

The focus of the Embodied Wisdom retreat is to experience what it means to be an empowered woman in our world at this time. 
Times are changing, and we are in the midst of a long overdue and essential shift in the way we perceive our bodies. You are invited to join a group of like-minded and like-hearted women as we remember and awaken the Sacred Feminine within each of us and nourish ourselves on all levels.
This retreat is about bridging the gap between our minds, bodies and our souls… our power and our vulnerability. To reclaim our inner wisdom and full potential as womb bearers. 
Our womb is our center of creativity.


Just think about it — a womb bearer can create a human! How miraculous is that?! When mindfully harnessed and cultivated, the same force that creates life itself can also be used to help us materialize other desires such as: starting and growing a business, writing a book, art and poetry, calling in healthy relationships… The list is literally endless. 
It is also our center of lusciousness, pleasure, deep healing and personal transformation.  
When we get curious about moving in the direction of pleasure, we automatically open the door to start attracting more deliciousness into our lives. When we start vibrating at the frequency of ecstasy, we radiate that deep authentic feminine power into the world and have the potential to shift our reality.
Women gathering together is an ancient tradition that has conveniently been mostly forgotten in a fast-paced society with many obligations and demands. 
When we become distracted by the doings of life, it’s easy to override our inner knowing and ignore our deeper needs. This is the journey back home to yourself. 
Something unexplainable happens when women share space, energy, presence, movement, breath and truth.
Our group energy makes us stronger. To be witnessed and held by another woman gives us permission to blossom into the unique fragrant flower we are. Together we support each other to release shame and stagnation in order to give birth our deepest dreams and desires.
The time is now to celebrate your magnificence!
This trauma-informed retreat environment is designed to support you in feeling deeply held, safe and accepted just as you are. Each activity is catered to your awakening and inner peace. 
This includes classes and practices from Yoga, Tantra, Taoism and Shamanism, as well as excursions to awaken your senses and reconnect you with the womb of Mother Nature. 
Retreat Includes:

♦ 6 Nights’ accommodation at Mystica Lodge in Tilaran, Costa Rica

♦ Roundtrip group van transportation from LIR to Mystica on March 5 and from Mystica to LIR on March 11, 2022

♦ Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation 

♦ 3 Delicious organic meals per day made with LOVE (starting with dinner on March 5th and finishing with breakfast on March 11th) 

♦ Sacred dance and embodiment practices 

♦ Dynamic breathwork 

♦ Womb clearing

♦ Shamanic healing

♦ Sharing circles

♦ ​Sensual awakening ritual 

♦ Vocal toning and chanting 

♦ Tao self-massage 

♦ ​Introduction to jade egg practice

This is your opportunity to peel away layers of old beliefs that no longer serve your body, your heart and your mind as a sensual woman gifted with the powers of pleasure, wisdom and creativity. 

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Mar 05 - 11 2022


All Day

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