The Journey Within Virtual Yoga & Meditation Retreat

This past May, Gurumukh and I were all set to host our first in-person retreat in Bali. We had over 20 people signed up for this conscious co-creation which we had been manifesting for years, and then we had to cancel due to COVID
At first, we thought we would just postpone the retreat by a few months… but it has become clear that it is completely unclearwhen the next opportunity to host a live retreat will be. And the teachings that want to come through us are finally being BORN just 9 months later… whaddaya know?! 
So in other words, we aren’t waiting anymore. The time is now. The call has been getting louder and louder, despite the circumstances seeming ‘impossible’. And we are listening. And the timing is perfect! 
During a time when computer exposure can easily zap our energies, when used constructively, the vibrations transmitted through these magic machines can be quite transformative and nourishing on many levels. 
If you’re feeling the call to connect with the clarity and guidance of your innermost wisdom and to a community of inspired souls on a similar journey, come join us

Whether you are a teacher, a healer, a student, a seeker or simply a human being looking to find more meaning and joy in every day life, prepare to receive the tools and teachings to take you deeper into your own inner peace and fulfillment. This unique retreat experience is a rare fusion you won’t find anywhere else. You will receive wisdom from an Indian master teacher as well as practical ways to apply these profound teachings into your daily life. 
A beautiful blend of Eastern and Western expertise… from the comfort of your own home.



Jan 29 - 31 2021


Retreat includes two sessions per day for three days. Each session is two hours long. AM session: 10:30am - 12:30pm PST. Evening session: 4-6pm PST. Live recordings are included in case you cannot attend all live sessions.
10:30 am - 6:00 pm



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