Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (Because It’s High In Protein)

High Protein Brownies

Here is the remark I get when I explain what is in these fudgy squares of delight: ‘Ewwwww… you’re mixing BEANS into your brownies?’ Um, yes. It’s a lot smarter, healthier, and more delicious than a bunch of gluten your intestines will be processing for six months to a year, along with digestive upset, skin rashes, weight gain, and numerous other potential complications due to ‘traditional’ brownies.

This recipe for black bean brownies is so rich in deep dark chocolate you can hardly believe they are healthy.
 I use black beans instead of flour which makes them gluten and grain free and high in protein. The black beans and the cacao are high in fiber to prevent any spike in your blood sugar. The protein and high fiber content in beans work together to help balance blood sugar and prevent spikes and dips in energy. Fill up on these babies if you want to focus and concentrate! The fiber also promotes digestive health, encourages bowel regularity, and helps prevent constipation and weight gain. Thanks to the protein in beans, you get a gradual source of lasting energy. The eggs in the brownies provide your brain with the nutrients and fats it needs in order to function at its optimal capacity. The raw cacao powder is high in antioxidants, magnesium and even has 3 grams of protein per serving. Wow, can anyone say ‘FUNctional food’?! Serve them to your friends, family and children, but don’t tell them they are healthy.


3 organic eggs

¼ cup maple syrup or coconut nectar

4 tablespoons coconut oil

15 oz. can organic black beans or fresh cooked black beans

¾ cup cacao powder

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ cup chopped walnuts or organic semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Oil a 6-cup baking pan. Rinse and drain the beans. Put eggs into bowl and whisk by hand or with a hand mixer until light colored, fluffy and thick. Pour the sweetener in slowly in a stream while whisking to keep the eggs fluffy. Put the black beans, coconut oil, cacao powder and vanilla into a food processor. Process until smooth. Add ¼ of the egg/sweetener mixture to the beans. Process until smooth. This will thin the mixture. Mix together gently until evenly mixed. Pour into a lightly oiled 6-cup baking pan. Top w/walnuts or chips. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 mins until a tester comes out clean.


P.S. Technically, you can eat these for breakfast. Just sayin’.


Photo: Brownies by jeffreyw

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  1. Paulo on June 9, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Can you do a video about losing wehgit/fat but in the context of carbohydrates, fat and cal? I just heard a couple of weeks ago that a decrease of carbohydrates will result in fat loss. I always though that only fat and cal will result in wehgit/fat loss. Some say that you can’t actually get fat of fat as long as you take good fats I actually hope you can explain the difference of carbohydrates, fat and cal and what the best option(s) is/are for losing wehgit/fat.That would be great.

  2. Allen on July 27, 2014 at 3:12 am


    good info!!

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