Top Ten Advantages of Stillness and Silence


It is quite obvious from my perspective that we live in a relatively fast-paced society. Dealing with life’s every day demands seems to require a constant output of energy, or Prana, as it is known as in Yogic terminology. This constant outpouring of energy may result in a feeling of exhaustion, stress, and/or depression, which seems to be plaguing our society. The truth is, we have to pay the bills, go to work, eat, clean, love, etc. There is no getting around that, unless you decide to move to the Himalayas for the rest of your life (trust me, you’ll still find something to distract you). The issue is not about the elimination of external stimulation, but rather a buffer or a way to diffuse the extremity of it. The way to balance out the external ‘noise’ is by doing the exact opposite: sitting still. Be in stillness with yourself for five minutes per day. I don’t care if you sit with a straight spine on a meditation cushion, lay down, slouch, or whatever. What’s more important than your posture while you are still is that you actually DO IT. Periods of stillness should become habituated into your everyday routine, something like brushing your teeth.

Here are the top ten benefits of establishing stillness as a part of your daily wellness routine:

10. Meditation REDUCES activity in the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and INCREASES activity in the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). It is impossible to lose weight if your nervous system in in sympathetic mode. It is ONLY possible to lose weight when you are operating from the parasympathetic mode. Yes, meditation can help you lose weight. No cardio needed.

9. Stilness brings you into the moment. It is quite difficult to make poor decisions when you are present. Self-sabotaging behaviors, such as overeating, can be eliminated by creating more still space in your life.

8. Silence can be a great way to move into your body, as opposed to constantly identifying with the thoughts in your head. When I meditate, I sometimes feel strong gut feelings and other physical sensations. These sensations are a powerful indicator of what direction your life should be moving. Listen to them.

7. Meditation can improve the mind’s ability to pay attention to detail, which can benefit you in your outside life.

6. Mindful periods of stillness can help reduce inflammation, thereby turning off genes that are associated with certain diseases such as cancer.

5. Operating from a relaxation respnse instead of a stress response can result in better digestion. How you digest your food is how you digest the world. Digestion and elimination are the cornerstone for good healtha nd weight loss.

4. You may experience increased energy due to meditation… even just five minutes of stillness can serve as a ‘reset’ button for your day. Try it next time you consider a mid afternoon shot of espresso.

3. Silence can make you happy. When you focus on your body and breath, your move to a deeper layer of awareness. Life is magical and miraculous. Your body and your breath are enough. YOU are enough, and you are perfect! Gratitude enhances the immune system and can be a byproduct of meditation. Appreciation for the simple things is a common result of meditation.

2. Meditation can help your skin glow! Reduced stress and anxiety can result in a youthful glow, which stems from relaxation and calmness in the central nervous system.

1. The benefits are contagious. If you look into a meditator’s eyes, there is a depth that cannot be described. The only way you can be in effective nourishing relationship with others is if you can be alone with yourself. Try it, and start the ripple effect. Inspire others. The word ‘inspire’ is to bring forth spirit. This is beyond the mind. Have fun!!!

truth is not to be found outside. no teacher, no scripture can give it to you. it is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company. be with yourself.—osho

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    • Wanda p on December 15, 2017 at 9:43 am

      Thank you so very much, seems like I just stumbled upon Stillness, your words are very inspiring, I know there’s no such things as coincidence, Stillness and take me very far, I enjoyed reading your article, it is a determination in me now, I appreciate you much

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