Becoming Human

So, I sat down to write a piece about my past journey with an eating disorder (orthorexia) and how I cured myself and transformed my life. I had intentions of documenting my journey in logical, comprehensive language. Then I stumbled across this quote by Plato: ‘Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.’

So this happened instead…


Dancing with the wind,

We are one.

Muladhara, a distant memory.

Uprooted and high,

Alkaline dream,

Floating into nothing,

And floating some more.

Smooth sahasrara sailing,

Temptation’s got nothing on me;

I am not my body

Sun nourishment,

Oxygenated and soaring,

Physical reality fading,

Skin and bones remain,

Senses on pause,

For a higher cause,

Neglecting the real,

No ability to feel,

Even keel.

Stress and unrest,

Awake in the dark,

Self-imposed chains,

Unable to break free,

Familiar agony,

Weakening of the heart,

Palpitating for love,

Bound by fear,

Of what?

Bring the earth to my feet,

I hear the whisperings of my heart,

The answer lies in the temple,

The temple of eyes, ears, and taste,

The temple of touch,

The temple of trust.

I lay in the temple of trust,

Naked and free,

Building blocks of purity,

Protein promises,

Blood flow, pulse,


Once again, but for the first time,




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