Chew On This

Here’s my latest bloem (blog/poem)…

The stomach is the new brain,

it hears everything your mind is sayin’,

assimilation of your imagination,

so be kind in your thoughts.

I know you thought that your just was for digesting

the food you’re ingesting,

but you’re in for a treat…

it starts with your teeth.

You heard me; it’s true,

digestion starts at the first chew,

it’s that very first bite,

actually the very first sight- or smell,

that causes your brain to tell

your stomach to release enzymes,

don’t you love my rhymes?

It’s not so much what you eat, but how you eat,

a sweet potato is much more sweet,

the more you keep it in your teeth,

the more you slow down and pay attention,

move to another dimension,

to the sense of taste; it’s such a disgrace,

when we only want more food on our plates,

unsatisfied with the bite that’s inside,

take your taste buds for a ride,

avoid foods that are fried,

and processed foods too,

it becomes easy to do,

if you just slow down and CHEW!

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