Money Tree

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Cash rules everything around me,

cream get the money, it’s not even funny,

dolla bills seem to run me,

but I don’t see no money tree,

therefore it’s not a natural state for me.

I like to be inspired,

but stay mindful of desire,

a hungry ghost for most,

I’m feeling close to letting go,

of all the things this world brings,

and become a monk in robes,

no more fancy clothes,

where do the fancy clothes go when I go?

Do they come with me or can I simply,

choose to be happy with what I got,

even if it’s not a lot,

but a lot to some,

who really have none,

who am I to be greedy,

when there are so many needy,

of material things,

because material brings life,

not strife,

if you use your mind right and don’t get caught in the hype,

that you gotta buy buy buy,

just enough to survive (and maybe some more),

if you go to the store, go like never before,

purchasing with eyes of compromise,

it’s not about size; be wise,

make an exchange.

Hey, keep the change.

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