Grains of Sand

If you wanna be a star,

you don’t gotta search too far,

’cause you’re made of stars.

I know that might be hard,

to comprehend in your brain,

that the big-bang was screaming your name

when it all began…

How many grains of sand are at the beach?

Each so unique; if you take the time to take a peek,

beneath what you seek in the material world,

there is a world of materials made,

of the materials that are about to fade,

before your very eyes,

your windows to this side,

to this ride of life and death,

until there is nothing left,

but everything to gain…

if you attain the feeling that there is no meaning,

and rejoice in the dance,

in the love and romance of your light,

shining bright,

yet dark like the night sky…

If you dare to fly… to the moon and back in your dreams,

it will seem like you’ve been there before,

if you get to the core of who you really are…



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