How To Turn A Resolution Into A Reality

As the year winds down, the clock is on to start gathering New Year’s resolutions.

I prefer to all them ‘intentions’ rather than ‘resolutions’. I feel the term ‘resolution’ subtly implies that there is something I must resolve, as if there is an intrinsic problem in my life that shouldn’t be as it is. I would first like to eradicate that possibility. You are invited to consider that everything is fine just as it is. If you have a problem with things as they are, that’s fine too. It reminds me of a quote by the Dalai Lama:

‘If there is no solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it.

If there is a solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it.’

There are tools I will share in this message that can propel you to a new dimension of your reality.

Many of us operate out of habit, for our memories are the storehouse of information that is ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ and ultimately known. In my opinion, one of the reasons many people do not venture far out of their comfort zones and move boldly towards their dreams is because there is virtually no context available for that. It is completely out of the mind and out of what we know to be true and possible. Have you ever heard someone exclaim ‘You’re out of your mind!’ when a person attempts to try something new or perhaps risk oriented. Of course many of us have dreams and desires, yet to fulfill them may bring about fear, self-doubt, or other crippling emotions.

When we base our future on our past, despite our dreams and hopes and wishes, our realities will most likely follow a somewhat familiar and quite possibly unsatisfying pattern. In order for anything new to be created, we must be willing to be out of our minds in the most sane way possible. Intelligence stems from knowing that our own minds are limited to our memory, and everything new shapes our realities in some way. We must be willing to take a chance on ourselves if what we are yearning for is true to our heart and soul.

This New Year’s, instead of hoping or wishing or ‘trying’ something new, I suggest creating a New Year’s intention. It is a more gentle approach to visioning your future and quite literally mapping out and structuring your desires. When we move from a place of doubt, hope, or fear, we automatically send that energy out and it does not align with our true purpose.

It is emptiness that breeds creation. When I step into emptiness, I can easily get lost in a feeling of alone-ness and despair. I would much prefer my familiar comforts, though my soul is knocking hard at the door to shine through more fully. Do I trust myself to jump into spaciousness, pure nothing, in order to reach my ultimate goal?

Much of this may sound esoteric or spiritual, which it is. On the same note, my recent discoveries of visioning have led me to incredibly fulfilling and synchronistic realities in my like such as selling out my upcoming retreat to Hawaii, moving into a larger house in Los Angeles, and the possibility of co-owning a retreat center in Hawaii in 2017. I was very clear about setting these intentions, and the universe is proving itself. These intentions were deep desires, as if they were already a part of me.

Please take a few moments, close your eyes, and tap in to your deepest desires. Notice what you feel in your body when you let go of trying to think about what you want, and let desire decide for you…

Believe it or not, the specific visioning practice I learned was not taught to me by a guru in India or a self help mentor or even in an inspiring personal development book. Nope. I learned this method of creation through a couple dear friends/colleagues of mine whose work falls under the category of bio-chemical engineering and innovation for major corporations. Yep, scientists and corporate moguls were my gurus in materializing my intentions.

After all, yoga is a science of using all we have and all we are in order to reach a state of Bliss… the body, mind, breath, and beyond… So in our daily lives, are we open to all opportunities? Are we present enough to pay attention to synchronicity and signs? Can we see that everything is spirit? And everything is the Guru?

Here’s what I was taught…

And here’s what you’ll need:

3-4 magazines

A timer

A large poster board paper (22×28 or less)


Scotch tape

A clear table or floor


Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Go through the magazines and rip out any pages that stand out to you in regards to your new year’s intention. This may be a certain color, image, or phrase that stands out It doesn’t need to make sense. Do it quickly because you only have two minutes. If you’re not sure, just keep it for now. Put the scrap on the floor and only keep the images that stand out.

Set another times for 3 minutes.

Go through the magazine pages you kept with a bit more detail and scrap the ones you do not want. Make a choice to let go of the papers that don’t totally stand out to you. Trust your intuition.

Set a final timer for 5 minutes.

Take a pair of scissors (or use your hand) and cut out the images from each page that resonate with you. Tape them on to a poster sized paper. NOTE: This does not have to be a fancy collage. I am not an arts and crafts person and this worked perfectly for me. Make it simple. It’s not about what it looks like. It’s about doing it and sticking to the time.

If it doesn’t all land on the page by the time the final timer dings, stop anyway. That’s all that was meant to be there.

The idea is to think less and create more. Take a look at the images you have on the poster board and discuss them with a friend or write about it in a journal.

Happy New You!

Oops, I mean New Year. . .

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