If Rumi Were My Roomie

I got room for Rumi,

His words do something to me,

They transport me to a magical place,

Fill my soul with goodness and grace,

I don’t know how to say his first name,

It sounds like Aladdin; I know it’s almost the same,

Take me on your magic carpet ride,

Through this dimension to the other side,

To the field beyond wrong and right,

We will become fearless guardians of divine light,

I won’t feel lonely because the universe is inside me,

Darkness is my candle always burning brightly,

Allowing the beauty of what I love be what I do,

What is seeking me is also seeking you too,

For we don’t have to ever finally meet,

I’ve felt you in me all along, silent and sweet,

Only from my heart can I touch the sky,

Go find yourself first and then give me a try,

As we start to walk, the way will appear,

The more silent we are, the more we can hear,

The less veils we wear, the more often we meet,

Finally it’s time to take a step without feet…

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