7 Interesting and Amazing Uses For Avocado

1. Use it as butter instead of butter.

Buy an overly ripe avocado and slather it on a rice cake, add some sea salt, and voila! Gluten free, crunchy, salty, nourishing snack!


2. Make chocolate pudding with it

Buy an overly ripe avocado, add cacao powder, honey or coconut sugar, vanilla bean, and sea salt… mix together, and voila! Vegan, raw, nutrient dense pudding.


3. Use it as an incense holder.

Avocados don’t belong in the fridge. They grow on trees in warm climates. Keep them out, and use them to hold your incense sticks.


4. Add it to your smoothie

Avocado is healthier than dairy, and it will create a creamy texture and add amazing flavor to your smoothie. My favorite is avocado, cilantro, pineapple, and coconut water.


5. Use it as an acupressure ball

Buy an avocado that is not ripe at all. Get one that is as hard as a rock, and squeeze it. Rub it on your neck and shoulders for stress relief and soothing self-massage.


6. Use it as your face lotion.

Avocado can support healthy glowing skin. Slather it on your face. Add coconut oil and lavender essential oil and mix together for a purifying, chemical-free face lotion. Sometimes I add dried ground papaya seeds to the mix if I am in an exfoliating mood.


7. Make a meditation rock garden with the pits.

They are so beautiful and round. Save them, and make an indoor or outdoor garden with them. Add rose petals.

Can you think of more? If so, share in the comments box below!


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