Sweaty Skin Got You Down?

I’d like to dedicate this blog to reviewing my latest skincare routine. The reason I believe this topic is important is because I literally sweat for a living and finding products that are not only all natural but also effective is sometimes (actually, quite often) a challenge… but not anymore!

I received the 123FRE set from FRE Skincare (www.freskincare.com) and have been pleasantly surprised at how balanced and hydrated my skin remains, even after hours of sweat. I feel nothing oily and nothing too dry either.

My routine involves the facial cleanser Purify Me, followed by a light later of the deep replenishing serum Revive Me and finally a generous coat of the defense facial moisturizer Protect Me.

These products are intentionally designed for women who sweat, which obviously made me quite gleeful… and also skeptical. But I can say in all honesty that the products are the real deal. You don’t need to use a lot for a lot to happen. If you do purchase the products, try to make it a daily ritual so your skin can adjust and you will start noticing the benefits within a few days. I noticed within two days and gradually my skin felt not only smooth and refreshed but also glowing.

Also, I don’t wear make-up so this product feels like it protects my skin and offers that authentic glow so no make-up is even needed!

I highly recommend this product as an alternative to your current skincare regimen or at least as an experiment.

Oh, and last but definitely not let, the mission nd mindfulness behind this product is epic! For every 123FRE skincare set that is sold, one Argan Tree Of Life is planted in order to empower women who harvest Argan in Morocco. SO not only does my skin feel amazing but my mind heart and soul feel inspired to know I am serving others by using this product.

If you feel called to experiment with this wonderful product, you will get 25% off your first set by using my coupon code ‘SHAYNAH‘ at checkout.

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