There’s WEED In My Coffee, And It’s Good For Me!

hemp-milkYep, you heard it. Well, sort of.

I’ve been experimenting with using hemp milk in my coffee lately. I don’t drink dairy milk, primarily due to the sheer fact that it is, in its simplest form, the lactation of a cow. Ew. Also, being an avid member of the professional health world for many years, I’ve discovered that there are numerous links between dairy and allergies, among other health issues.

Usually when people transition away form dairy they immediately resort to soy milk or almond milk, which in my opinion is a result of successful marketing efforts in the ‘milk alternative’ world, coupled with lack of consumers’ and manufacturers’ nutritional education and awareness. Although phrases such as ‘dairy-free’, ‘high in protein’, ‘heart healthy’, etc. may seem appealing and persuasive, it’s crucial to understand what’s actually in these products and how they affect your overall health.

I’m not going to get too far into devil milk… oops, I mean soy milk; nor am I going to go in depth about the binders and fillers and carcinogenic additives many of these non-dairy milk alternatives contain. Instead, I am going to offer you a simple way to transform your morning coffee (or tea) into a creamy, slightly sweet, healthy tonic that will make you feel high (obviously due to the caffeine only!)

Hemp seeds originate from the plant cannabis sativa, which is where marijuana comes from. Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally sound food sources on the planet. The seeds are easily digestible, full of fiber, and contain a perfect ratio of omega 3 fatty acids in order to support human nutritional needs. The protein and EFA’s in hemp seeds are the building blocks for immunity and health. It’s difficult to describe the multitude of benefits these tiny seeds contain without knowledge of bio-chemistry, but take it from me, they’re the bomb.


I encourage you to make your own hemp milk, and here’s how:


-1 cup shelled hempseeds
-3 cups purified water
-1 tsp raw honey or coconut sugar or one medjool date (healthy sweeteners)
*optional: 1 tsp vanilla

Directions: Blend all ingredients together in a blender.

Option: Strain nut milk using cheesecloth. It depends on the consistency you desire. If you don’t strain it, it will be much thicker.

Note: You do not need some fancy schmancy blender to make hempmilk. I use a nutribullet.
Another Note: Make enough for the week (should last up to seven days), so it’s worth the 72 seconds of extra time it requires to blend it instead of pulling a container out of the fridge.


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