10 Reasons Eating Healthy Will NOT Help You Lose Weight


10. Nutrient dense foods tend to contain more calories, and if we do not practice mindful eating and chewing practices, we are likely to overeat.

9. Healthy eaters tend to skip meals or eat less in social situations where healthy food is not available, and this can lead to bingeing later. On an entire bag of cashews.

8. Healthy eaters seem to think that eating healthy foods will actually cause them to lose weight, so they eat more of it. Truth be told, eating more food will not help us lose weight. Healthy food included. Aw, shucks!

7. Agave, honey, coconut nectar, maple syrup, fresh cut pineapple- Oh my. Sugar is sugar. Healthy sugar will not lessen our number on the scale. But we will be much sweeter! Does that count?

6. Juicing is all the rage, and many fresh pressed juices contain way too much sugar, especially if we add fruit to our juices. Juices can mess with blood sugar levels and, though they do contain important vitamins and minerals, can leave us feeling hungrier than we were before we consumed them.

5. Many people think that eating healthy without exercising will help them lose weight. It’s either: eat like crap and run on the treadmill for 5 hours a day OR eat healthy and veg out on the couch (pun intended). Sorry, but we need to move. Moderately. Forever. No matter what.

4. What we think is healthy may not be. Foods marketed as health foods usually contain ingredients that prevent us from losing weight. For example, swapping bread for its gluten free counterpart can actually cause weight gain and inflammation depending on the ingredients. Eating sugar free diet foods cause our bodies to store fat.

3. Many people stress out way too much about eating healthy, and that stress alone can cause weight gain. It’s science.

2. People still eat three meals with snacks, which is not necessary if we are eating truly nutrient dense foods. We don’t need as much as we are told or used to. Eating just 5 walnuts is enough Omega 3 fats to fuel our brains for an entire day. We should eat no more in one sitting than the size of our fist. I know. Ridiculous. But true. And important.

1. Eating will not make us lose weight. Period. Fasting and resting will. Hydration will. Detoxification with support from an expert is the only way to sustainable healthy weight loss. Learning how to navigate the physical, emotional, and psychological connections to our food is the only way to rewire the circuitry in our brains to start creating new healthy habits.

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