The Real Reason You’re Not Good Enough

Do you ever feel like what you’re doing in life is not good enough? That you could or should be doing more? Well let me tell you something—you’re right. It’s 100% true.

It’s not that what you’re doing is wrong or that you have somehow messed up in life. So leave the victim behind. It is rather that you have so much more inside you that is dying to be expressed. You are selling yourself short, and no matter what you do, you are not yet fully sharing your purpose. Why?

I am asking you: ‘WHY? You will ask me ‘why’ too. You will ask me, ‘why am I not sharing my purpose?’ I receive that question often. How can I answer that? Do I know why? No! Do you? Have you ever taken the time our of your schedule of relatively unsatisfactory activities to inquire deep within yourself as to what you would like to create during your temporary stay on Earth? Are you aware of what feeds and excites your core? Your center? What enlivens you? What, quite literally, makes you come alive?

Whatever that is, do it. For some person, it may be painting. For the other, it will be dancing, singing, mathematics, astronomy, cleaning toilets, and so on. It doesn’t have to be monumental. It just has to be true. It has to feel right. The honesty makes it epic. I cannot tell you what it is. But you can. Stop seeking teachers, and make use of the perfect wisdom you embody in order to fulfill your deepest desires in life. Only you have the power to do so. And only you know what they are. No one else.

If fear arises as you begin to embrace your purpose, feel it fully. Let the inevitable fluctuations of emotion serve as an exhilarating roller coaster at the amusement park called life. Follow your heart. Trust the process. By honoring your truth, you automatically give permission for those around you to come closer to meeting their authentic selves as well. It is contagious.

It’s time to step up your game. It’s time to shine brighter than you’ve been shining. It’s time to dust off the excuses, doubt, and worries and drown yourself in a well-deserved potion of magic and miracles.


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