The Real Secret To Success

‘Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.’ -Corita Kent

Until stumbling upon this quote at precisely the perfect time, I had not contemplated this profound truth. I re-read the quote nearly twenty times, and finally the ‘A-HA’ lightbulb flickered in my consciousness.

The search for success is an epidemic in our culture and other parts of the world. Success is generally equated with happiness. Right? It seems widely assumed that success has to do with something good. It is irrefutably evident there is an intuitive and unanimous understanding among humanity that true success equals peace. That is a good start… because it’s true. Success does equal peace.

It seems, according to the media and common belief, that success is synonymous with such acquisitions as a prestigious job, money, fame, things, and ambition. There is also the undeniable truth that many of the people who do have access to such luxuries and opportunities are not very happy. So then is that really success? Is success simply the accumulation of badges, certificates, money, and ‘more’? If so, then what’s the point? Ok, I have it. Now what? I just want more. If we are not present and are only seeking outside influences to bring us inner peace, it is as if we are feeding a hungry ghost. We are missing the whole point. There is only desire for more. We are not present, and when we are not present, we cannot thrive. I call this ‘SUCK-CESS’. So yes, technically, it is a form of success. But it is the dangerous form.

Life is happening now. Only in this moment. Be here for it. Don’t miss it. The quote suggests that to be truly successful… that is, to actually experience success… to feel it coarsing through your being, one has to be fully present in each moment. If this is happening, having external luxuries may be very beneficial. They serve as an embellishment to your pre-existing flame of awareness. But even if there is no external luxury, success is still possible. When you are fully present in each moment you are successful. True success involves inner work. Our attitude towards the moment at hand dictates the quality of our lives.

Adhering to being present miraculously can direct us in the direction of our dreams too. The more present we are, the more opportunities we create for ourselves. When we are present, we are open. We are not locked in the past or obsessively anticipating and planning the future. When I am open, I notice I attract more business, more creative ideas, more deep and meaningful connections with people, and a much richer, fulfilling experience of life overall. Having things without a deeper meaning will always leave us feeling somewhat empty inside. It’s important to cultivate both.




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