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Do you ever wake up in the morning, open your closet and stand there for two hours and thirty seven minutes choosing what to wear? Yes, sometimes it takes us a bit of time to decide what we are feeling and where we are going and what clothing is appropriate, clean, comfortable, etc. for the day or event ahead. But really… it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to choose what to adorn ourselves with.

Have you ever noticed how everyone has his or her own unique style? Despite trends and fashion, everyone embodies something unique. Perhaps one enjoys wearing his or her hair is in a certain style, or maybe he or she has a precious piece of jewelry they never fail to include in their ensemble. The fact is, we are all different, so we will inevitably exude an essence or a ‘flair’ that is truly one of a kind. The more we try to conform to one specific style, the more we separate ourselves from the beauty of being (and embracing) who we are.

What you choose to wear is based in the moment. For example, on Sunday I wear sweats. On Monday I wear yoga pants (ok, fine my ‘work clothes’ are spandex so I have a special situation), and if I am going to a special event I will wear a dress or something more formal. What I am doing and how I am feeling dictates my attire. Whether or not you are aware of this for yourself, take some time to consider that what you wear is indicative of how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, where you are, etc.

What rings true in terms of our choices regarding what goes on us (clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc.) should be equally apparent concerning what goes in us. Based on my experience and observation, it seems that people are much more confused around what to eat than they are regarding what to wear. When it comes to food, either ‘this diet said this’, ‘this diet said that’, ‘I have no willpower’, ‘it’s the weekend so I’m off the wagon’, ‘it’s a full moon’, ‘this feels good right now’, ‘I shouldn’t’, ‘she’s eating it so I can’, ‘I was good yesterday so I deserve to indulge today’, ‘I worked out hard today so I can’…. Sets in. Familiar? I know. I’ve been there.

We are so consumed in our own excuses and external input that we fail to connect with our inherent ability to know exactly what to eat in any given moment. I don’t say this lightly. The fact that humans need diet books and dieticians is relatively absurd to me. On one hand, nutritional guides are necessary in terms of holding us accountable for our actions and achieving our personal health goals, but if you think that you don’t already know what to eat, how much, when, etc., then you are mistaken.

Just think back to when you were an infant. Okay, maybe that’s too far back. But take into consideration the life of a baby. He or she drinks milk from the mother or from formula until he or she is done. They stop when they’re satisfied. And that’s it. There’s no thought or anxiety around food or what they ‘should’ be eating, overeating, under-eating, over-exercising, etc. When is the last time you saw a baby doing 100 push ups after an intentionally indulgent supper? Exactly. There is an innate knowing that has been with you since birth.

Your knowledge of what to eat should take you no longer than the amount of time it takes you to choose your outfit in the morning.

Another important topic to take into consideration is quality. Before my yoga and nutrition days, I graduated college with two degrees, and one of those degrees is in Textiles, Merchandising, and Design. In other words: FASHION For whatever reason, I have always had a knack for the world of material. Go figure. Madonna would be proud. I’m living in a material world, and I am a material girl who resonates with monkhood but can’t give up her Ray Bans. Ah….. BALANCE. Okay, I’m veering away from my point.

My point is: If you wear high quality clothing and appreciate fine fashions and style and how you embellish yourself on the surface layer, then wouldn’t it be safe to assume you would do the same with your inner self? Wearing Prada and eating Burger King just don’t mix. The higher quality you desire on the outside will become more satisfying when you begin to implement high quality on the inside. Start eating better quality foods and you may even start noticing you feel richer. You will start feeling more whole, more inspired, more attractive, and more content.

What you eat and what you wear are not separate. Strive for excellence. Strive for quality. Your health is measured by what you consume in all senses, whether that be your food, your clothing, your relationships, your career, and your spiritual practice. When you apply mindfulness to all corners of your life, you will inevitably feel more confident about making choices that serve you.

You are unique. What you need to thrive is different than every other being on the planet. Allow yourself to sink in to your own vibration and find what feels best. My mantra: ‘If it feels good to you, it’s probably good for you.’

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