MEN: Don’t Assume Women Know How You Feel

Have you ever heard the phrase: ‘When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME?’ Well, it’s true.

It’s come to my attention that many men seem to think women are telepathic. That’s very nice of you to assume, however our superpowers are not as unlimited as it seems. Yes, we are pretty awesome, however we have not yet evolved to master the art of non-verbal communication. We have no idea how you are feeling… unless you tell us.

If you are interested in a woman, tell her you are.

I truly feel the most detrimental aspect of many relationships stems from lack of clear communication.

Whether you’re on a first date with a woman or even if you’ve been dating a woman for a while, it’s crucial not to rely only on body language to convey how you are truly feeling. Holding my hand makes me think you only want to have sex with me. It’s kind of cute, but also kind of weird if there is no understanding attached to it. Part of what attracts women to men is when they are open and vulnerable. Oh! But that’s not MANLY! Please. Spare me. And let’s be clear; I’m not suggesting you start being all romantic and sappy and buy me a million roses and caress my cheek with your freshly lotioned hand. No. That’s ridiculous and completely un-sexy. Just be real. If you feel attracted to a woman, tell her how you feel. It’s hot. End of story. The question is: Do you even know how to do that? Do you even know how you feel?

For many years, I thought I couldn’t be turned on by a man. Men would compliment me, take me on really fun dates, spend time with me, call and text, etc., but when it came down to intimacy, all systems were DORMANT. Why, you ask? Because either men were too busy talking about themselves or burying me in a sea of compliments. Turn-off-central times infinity.

Tell her about YOU! She desires to know how you feel. Do not distract yourself with a long boring tongue kiss or trying to fuck her if you haven’t opened up to tell her about your feelings… and just for the record, your feelings have nothing to do with your bank account. Look her in the eye and tell her. Be honest. Even if it’s scary. Even if you don’t know how. Do it anyway. You do not have to tell her you love her if you only want to sleep with her. Don’t lie. Chances are, if you tell her you only want to sleep with her, she will be more open to it than if you skirt the issue and start making moves expecting that she is thinking the same thing. Be clear.

Men and women are vastly different beings, and language is what bridges the barrier between the sexes. Communication is the language of Love. Ask and you shall receive. Be open, honest, and let go of that which is limiting you from expressing yourself as you are. It is incredibly simple to attract that which you truly desire in life.

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