How To Live in Sync with Your Cycle


Despite my years of experience in teaching and coaching, as well as being well-versed in the art and skill of mindfulness and meditation, running my own business used to feel overwhelming and I was constantly on the brink of burnout. I bought into the belief that’s just the way it was. 

It was only when I embraced my feminine cycles that everything changed. Not only did I heal physically but I was also able to grow my business to six-figures while feeling more relaxed and spacious than ever. #byebyehustle 👋

As women, our bodies operate on the infradian rhythm, a natural cycle which lasts longer than a day. It’s time to align your life with this beautiful ebb and flow.

Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

1. Menstruation (Winter/Dark Moon): 🌙 Days 1-5 Embrace the stillness. Take it slow and honor your body. You might find deep insights and intuition during this time. Light exercise such as walking in nature or Yin yoga, journaling, and rest are your allies.

2. Follicular Phase (Spring/Waxing Moon): 🌱 Days 6-14 Your energy is rising. Plan your work meetings, social events, and creative projects during this phase. You’re more communicative and social. Dive into new ideas and collaborations. HINT: Some of these ideas may have come to you during the stillness and silence of your menstrual phase!

3. Ovulation (Summer/Full Moon): ☀️ Days 15-18 You’re shining your brightest! Schedule important presentations, dates, more intense workouts and social gatherings now. Your confidence and charm are at their peak. 

4. Luteal Phase (Autumn/Waning Moon): 🍂 Days 19-28 Get organized and focused. Your analytical skills are top-notch during this phase. Tackle tasks, tie up loose ends, complete projects, and address responsibilities. Write a gratitude list. 

As you start embracing your cyclical nature, you’ll notice improved productivity, better self-care and an enhanced connection with the wisdom of your body. We are meant to ebb and flow, not GO-GO-GO!

If you no longer menstruate, you can still orient your life to the phases of the moon and follow these suggestions to maintain a life of balance and harmony. 

If you’d like to dive deeper into the wisdom of your cyclical nature, consider joining the Embodied Wisdom Academy’s upcoming 3-month mentorship program. We’ll explore the ancient teachings of Feminine Wisdom to empower you in every phase of your life.



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