My Top 5 Feminine Self-Care Practices

It’s no news that eating nourishing foods and moving our bodies regularly are two key components to living a healthy life. However, there’s a vital aspect that has been overlooked, neglected and rarely discussed — especially for women’s health – and that is the power of connecting with our sensuality and pleasure.

As women, we have been conditioned to believe that our worth lies solely in our productivity, achievements and the DOINGS of life. The concept of prioritizing our own pleasure and embracing our sensuality is often shrouded in shame, guilt, or dismissed as frivolous. But what if I told you that tending to your sensuality is just as (if not more) crucial for your health, vitality, and the unleashing of your true power than any other practice?

It’s time to reclaim our sensuality and understand that it is a fundamental part of who we are as women and humans. Our sensuality is not merely about sexuality; it encompasses our connection to pleasure, intuition, creativity, and the wisdom of our bodies. When we tap into this sacred realm, we unlock a vortex of energy and vitality that can transform our lives in profound ways.

Below are some simple feminine self-care practices I incorporate into my life on a regular basis. I encourage you to feel into what resonates with you and ‘try it on’ for a while.🙂

  1. Breast Massage: Nurturing your breasts through self-massage allows you to tap into the wellspring of love within you, fostering a deep sense of self-acceptance and connection to your femininity. Not only that, the breasts are the ‘Yang’ pole for women, meaning it is the area where we ‘give’ from. Overgiving can lead to burnout, fatigue and other health imbalances. If you are a giver, whether to your children, your family, it’s crucial to give back to yourself and literally ‘recharge your heart’  through daily breast massage. A little bit goes a long way. Many major organ meridians run through the breast, so regular breast massage can prevent stagnation and increase energy flow to the major organs, allowing them to function optimally. I recommend 5-10 minutes of intuitive breast massage with natural oil such as coconut oil after the shower or bath as part of your self-care ritual.
  2. Sacred Self-Touch: Talk about a PRACTICE! For years, I resisted touching myself in a sensual way. I thought it was awkward. Meanwhile I would allow others to?! Learning how to be intimate with myself has been a profound catalyst into knowing my pleasure, my boundaries, what turns me on and what I don’t like. True intimacy starts with self, and your body is truly a wonderland. I invite you to explore with different tactile sensations, and know that your body is full of erogenous zones that are not limited to the genitals. Use your breath as a tool to soften, resensitize your skin and open up more pleasure pathways. 
  3. Sensual Eating: I used to be so obsessed and stressed about everything I ate, and then I wondered why I had so many digestive issues, bloating, etc. I now eat what I want consciously and take my time with each bite. I even make it a point to smile and hum while eating, which activates the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system which supports digestion and overall relaxation. By mindfully savoring the flavors and nourishing your senses, you cultivate a deeper connection with your body’s true needs and desires. 
  4. Dance: I had one of my biggest spiritual awakenings during my first ecstatic dance class in Bali almost 8 years ago. Before that, I would have never considered myself a ‘dancer’, for I assumed dance was something that required some sort of unique skill or talent. What I’ve realized is that this thing we call ‘dance’ is intrinsic to each of us and is a gateway to unleash creativity and embrace your body’s wisdom through liberating finding your unique ‘flow’. Free form movement, without the need to ‘do it right’,  allows your inner voice to find an embodied expression and can provide deep insight into your soul’s truth.
  5. Unstructured Time: If you’re anything like me, you keep a calendar and you’ve got email reminders set up to remind you of upcoming appointments, clients, engagements, etc. In an overly scheduled life, it’s likely we will not have adequate time to drop into our feminine energy which is less structured and linear. Mind you, this applies to all genders. Our intuition, creativity and wisdom lie in the spaciousness of simply ‘being’. To discover what the present moment wants as opposed to what the mind pre-planned. The cool thing is, you can use your mind to plan ‘time off’ each day. I schedule at least an hour of unstructured time each day. Sometimes I end up laying in bed, other times I walk in nature, other times I daydream and journal… I know it may seem like an oxymoron, but the more time carved out for ‘non-doing’, the more space and time I seem to have for everything else in my life. See it for yourself, and add it to your calendar today. You deserve some Yin to your Yang! Of course this is more difficult to do if you have children, however I encourage you to do the best you can and prioritize yourself so you can continue to serve from a full cup.

These practices are more than just self-care rituals; they are gateways to unlocking the mystery and magic of your femininity. 

I hope this blog inspires you to get curious about reclaiming your birthright to pleasure and abundance in all forms. 

Feel free to leave a comment and share some of your favorite self-care practices and/or how it goes when you try one or more of the above suggestions.



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