What’s Womb Wisdom?

In its most basic description, womb wisdom is the profound intrinsic and oftentimes forgotten feminine power that lies within womb-space bearers. And by womb-space, I am referring to those who have a physical womb as well as those who identify as women who don’t have a physical womb. Working with the energetic space can be incredibly powerful and therapeutic. 

Connecting to the wisdom of the womb-space allows women to reclaim and awaken their innate creativity, sensuality and embodied self-love. When I speak of embodied self-love I am speaking from a layer deeper than simply repeating a positive affirmation, getting a massage or taking a bath. The type of self-love generated from addressing and working with the womb space is a much more primal and sustainable form of honoring body as a temple, receiving insight and inner guidance and feeling more pleasure, trust and joy in life.

Many women, including myself, have been raised in a society that bases feminine ‘beauty’ on external features that are typically difficult to come by without intense manipulation of nature, whether that be extreme dieting, rigorous forms of fitness, uncomfortable clothing and cosmetic procedures to name a few. If you were to ask me what the word ‘femininity’ meant when I was growing up, I’d probably think the answer was cleavage and lipstick (there's nothing wrong with cleavage and lipstick by the way if that's your jam, as long as you feel beautiful on the inside too). Our true femininity is a felt experience in the body. It's a communing with our primordial nature, our energy, our intuition, our cycles, our voice, our emotions, our pleasure and yes, even our pain.  

Not only that, our modern world operates under the circadian rhythm which is the good old daily 24-hour cycle of ‘productivity’. Meaning, we are expected to wake up, work, and then go to sleep and then do it all over the next day, just like the sun. This routine does not lend itself to womens’ cycles and biology whatsoever. Women are synced up to a 28-day cycle (infradian rhythm) which coincides with the cycle of the moon. By pushing ourselves to show up fully exactly the same day in and day out, we are likely negating our body’s signals for rest and grounding, which can result in various imbalances. 

Having not gotten my menstrual cycle for a decade, as well as experienced virtually ZERO libido for the majority of my 20s, I know firsthand what it feels like to be completely disconnected from my femininity and womb wisdom. The thing is, I didn’t know or realize it at the time. I felt strong (practiced super athletic yoga everyday), healthy (ate a raw vegan diet) and I enjoyed the way I looked. I got breast implants at the age of 19 (that’s another story for another time), hair extensions, weekly mani-pedis, nice clothes… all the things. 

The fact that my body was not in tune with her natural cycles should have been a huge red flag, but I conveniently ignored it and went about with my daily routine. Even though I had a feeling that something was off, I didn’t understand how serious it was. That’s because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. All I knew about my period is that it was a burden. I was never taught about the magic of menstruation or womb wisdom. 

Many of the Sacred Feminine teachings originated in China thousands of years ago and have been kept from historical knowledge for various reasons. Not only were the teachings conveniently extracted from much historical data, they were often orally passed down from mother to daughter. They weren't documented and written in books. This gap of accessibility to the teachings has left a collective wound in women as a whole. And this wound is just starting to heal, as more women are reclaiming their power, their voice, their cycles, their pleasure and their purpose on this planet. Womb wisdom lives in each and every womb-space bearer, whether you consider yourself to be ‘spiritual’ or not. It is a gift given by nature.

As I started learning more about Tantra, Taoism & Women’s Holistic Health, I came to the realization that my sensuality, pleasure and connection to my menstrual cycle were actually the foundation of a healthy body, mind and spiritual practice. I had been practicing yoga for so long and was always trying to 'leave my body' and connect with the Universe and my 'Crown Charka'. Yet, without deep roots, the tree cannot grow and flourish. it cannot reach up towards the sky without a substantial network of roots. As above, so below. So I began to take the journey from my brain down to my womb. I like to think of the womb space as the third brain. One brain in the head, one in the heart, and women have a third brain in the womb space. How cool is that? Deep in a woman's womb lies an ancient instinctual knowing, and the answers to the questions that cannot seem to be 'figured out' by the mind. Since my relationship with my womb-space had been compromised for so many years, despite my curiosity, the thought of entering this portal brought up a bit of unexpected fear and resistance at first.  

The womb is a hollow organ, and unless it is occupied by a fetus, it is pretty much empty. According to the Taoist tradition, our bodies hold unprocessed, suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences. This can include anything from sexual trauma to swallowing our truth in order to please others, grief and unexpressed anger to name a few. The womb space is a ‘convenient’ empty dark space for unresolved issues to be stored. 

The great news is, it’s possible to clear these energies and restore the vitality that is our birthright as women. Womb wisdom views feeling as a form of healing. Instead of putting on a smile and pretending everything’s okay all the time OR lashing out unconsciously, we find a safe space to mindfully express emotions and move stuck energy in order to release what doesn’t belong to us. 

There are many ways to build a healthy relationship with your womb-space including honoring your cycle, taking time off during your menstrual phase, varying your diet throughout the month, finding a fitness routine that feels nourishing instead of arduous, external womb massage, crystal egg practice, yoni steaming and embodiment practices and meditations (like the one I am sharing with you here)... 

Below is a simple energetic womb clearing meditation called ‘Wands Of Light’ to clear any residue that may reside in your womb, whether it be imprints from past lovers, any type of abuse or nonconsentual sexual experience, abortion or miscarriage, or simply clearing the space in order for something new to be born, whether that is a baby or a new creative endeavor in your business or your personal life! The practice includes gentle pelvic floor contractions, breath work and visualization and is safe for any level practitioner. 

Let me know how it goes in the comments. Sending Love, Goddess!

Before doing the practice, I suggest you find a comfortable place to sit that feels safe and private. You can do the practice fully clothed. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Have a journal nearby in case you want to take notes about your experience.

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