The Real Reason Your Health Coach Can’t Do Anything For You

Sadly, I’ve never played a sport (does yoga count?). Regardless, I have observed many games and can confidently say I understand the general dynamic in the world of an athlete… There is a coach and there are players. The role of the coach is to guide the players on effective techniques so they have a better chance at winning the game. The coach does not play the game for or with the athletes on game day. Please think deeply into this fact.

Whether you are a health coach or a life coach or a person receiving coaching, it’s crucial to understand this point concretely. No one can do anything for you. You can only do it yourself. If you have a desire to make changes in your life or your health, it is your responsibility to take action in that direction. How could anyone do that for you? It’s literally impossible. Now of course this seems logical, however when it comes to making change and hiring a coach, many people seem to (perhaps subconsciously) assume that somehow miraculously the coach will ‘fix’ something. And, many coaches mistakenly believe that they are supposed to ‘fix something’! This is a problem.

A coach exists to provide support, ideas, inspiration, and examples of how one may choose to move in the world, whether it’s on a basketball court, a yoga mat, or a dinner plate. But the ultimate choice and action is your own. Always.

I have come to the conclusion that some people are not ‘coachable’. And that’s okay. We are each on our own journey, and coaches must be discerning with whom they choose to take on as a client. If a person is not ready to make changes in his or her life, that must be respected. When both, a coach and a client understand that the experience is a two way street, then there is room for exponential growth, transformation and magic. Then we can start scoring some goals. Silly analogy I know, but it works.


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