Stop Stopping; Start Starting: 5 Things You Can Do Within the Next 24 Hours to Transform Your Life

Is there something you’ve wanted to accomplish but you haven’t done it yet? Do you find yourself making excuses that propel you further from your goal? If you feel overwhelmed setting out to accomplish something new, you’re not alone. For years, I desperately wanted to move to California and write a book. They were my two top intentions… for a long time. Whenever I started thinking deeply about this significant life shift, I could literally feel an energetic paralysis set in. It seemed like so much all at once. What if I don’t succeed? How will I make new friends? Where will I live? What will I do with my work here? There were many more thoughts and fears where this came from, which made it very challenging to get started on my journey. All of the little details seemed to generate this ginormous ball in my brain, and I could not penetrate it. It was blocking me. My mind was blocking me.

During meditation one morning, I was acutely reminded of the nature of the universe. Everything happens in the moment. Right now. Everything happens one moment at a time… one step at a time. There is no getting around it. The only way to build a sustainable structure is to start with a foundation and then keep going upwards. A seed is planted. Water is needed for the tree to grow. But it happens as a process. It can only happen as a process. For once, I realized my mind was painting illusory images along the lines of ‘all or nothing’ and ‘now or never’. My mind was so focused on the future that it kept me stuck in the present, which was a result of the past. How could I move forward? I asked myself. And then I took back the question. I chose to act instead of ask.

And somehow, moment by moment… step by step… I have landed exactly where I desired to be. Somehow, I live in California and have written a book and am already into the second one. I pretty much let go of desperately trying to figure it out. And I just started. I did something. And starting is the key. It is more important than finishing. This is very important to understand. A deep feeling of satisfaction and confidence emerged as I began my journey. It was a feeling of commitment to self… of moving beyond mind-made barriers… of moving beyond fear into the unknown… into bliss.

Here are 5 of the most simple yet effective tips & tools to ignite your journey to lifelong wellness:

5. Write

Don’t have a journal? No problem. Haven’t started a vision board? No worries. And no excuses. Do you have pen and paper? Grab a piece of paper and start writing. It does not matter what you write, but writing itself is therapeutic. I was recently looking back on some of my old writings and cannot believe how much of what I had written has already manifested in my life. I love making lists. If you are feeling stuck or unsure how to ‘start’ something, make a list of: 1. everything you want to do 2. everything you need to do 3. everything you want to let go of 4. everything you need to let go of in your life, in order to create space for something new to emerge.

4. Eat More Green Leafy Vegetables

Most of us know that vegetables support our physical health. When we are not psychically well, we will undoubtedly suffer mental implications as a result. The two are very much interconnected. If negative food is blocking our system up, it can cause mental blocks as well. I call it mental constipation, which of course may translate physically. Hmmm.. food for thought. Green leafy vegetables uplift our energy, help eliminate toxins and energetic blockages, flood our system with vital nutrients, and stimulate creativity and inspiration. They include but are not limited to: kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

3. Go For a Ten Minute Walk Outdoors

Even if you don’t want to. Even if you just walk in a big circle. Even if it’s cold out. Go for a walk. Even if you don’t have a dog. Yet. (Oops, I think I’m talking to myself, sorry) I make it a point to go for a walk every night after dinner. Of course I have work I could be doing or laundry or pretty much anything else my mind steers in my direction, however the value of walking in nature is highly underrated in my opinion. And each time I complete a walk, I am so grateful I did it. I feel renewed, revitalized, and more clear. I remember the days I used to live in New York City and would receive some of my greatest intuition and inspiration while walking back and forth from my apartment which was about three miles from the main yoga studio I taught at. Walking oxygenates the brain and moves energy through the system, allowing all systems to function properly. It is the most natural form of exercise, and it is free. And you can do it now. But read the rest of the blog first. Then go.

2. Find an Accountability Partner

You do not need to hire a coach. Go through your contact list and text a friend or family member. Let them know what you are committing to and ask them to check in with you in a week or whatever amount of time you need in order to feel supported. Having support is an enormously crucial part of positive growth and transformation. I’m sure you have at least one person who cares about you. Maybe two. (sarcasm) Don’t wait. And if it feels weird for you to ask for support, perhaps as a trade you can offer your support in return. What a sweet human exchange! And perhaps the reason we are all here on this planet?

1. Meditate

I actually cannot convey the benefits of mediation in words. The experience is the teacher. Thinking about meditation is not meditation. Even if it’s for five minutes per day, this magic art of stillness serves tremendous lasting effects on the entire system, physically emotionally and energetically. You don’t need an altar. You don’t need incense. You don’t need candles. You don’t need special music. You don’t need a meditation cushion. You don’t need a yoga mat. You don’t need a guru. You don’t need to know any special breathing techniques. You don’t need to know Sanskrit. You don’t need to wear anything specific. You don’t need a meditation class…. Okay, you got it, right? All you need is right here. Right now. Your body. Your breath. Repeat to self: ‘This body. This breath. This body. This breath…’



  1. Charlotte on May 8, 2016 at 6:12 am

    Beautifully written!! All simple, yet sometimes difficult, tips to help us over our mind-made hurdles.. Thank you, Shayna.

  2. Sara on May 9, 2016 at 11:39 am

    YESSS!!!! I love your message. And breaking it down to 5 easy steps is great. I just might be able to do this. Meditation is my most elusive target thus far, but definitely highest on my list.
    Love to you ?

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