Lose Hope!

I have hoped for so many things in my life. Haven’t we all? It seems intrinsic to the human condition. After completing my first yoga teacher training, I hoped to start teaching yoga classes and hosting yoga retreats. I hoped to travel, I hoped to cure my insomnia, I hoped for less anxiety and stress, and I hoped for love. After completing my training in nutrition studies, I hoped to be a successful Health Coach. Although my hope was vaguely uplifting, hope alone did not result in any positive change. In fact, my hope kept me in my discomfort. It accentuated a disconnect; a conflict. There was a clear separation between where I was and where I wanted to be. Hope fueled the fire of estrangement.

In my opinion, hope embodies a sense of emptiness. When I reside in hopefulness, it feels like I am hanging on by a string of uncertainty and desperation. A hope feels somewhat like a wish, but at least a wish contains an element of magic and mystery. Hope is dry. It is easy. And it is deceptive.

My most significant ‘aha moment’ occurred when I consciously chose to shift from being hopeful to being intentional. That’s when I witnessed my desires start to manifest and materialize in my life. When we are intentional about our aspirations, there is a certain level of strength associated with this assertion. This strength translates to energy in a specific direction. Intention is: attention with direction. How often do you visualize exactly what it is you desire to create in your life? Whether it be an amazing relationship, a fulfilling job, a healthier body, etc… how often do you imagine what it would be like to actually conceive that reality? And how often do you do this with an open mind as opposed to judgment, doubt, and fear? How often do you take even just one step in this direction? Action follows intention. Action does not follow hope.

Do not stay stuck in the illusion of hope. It may seem difficult to grow out this seemingly automatic pattern. Know that evolution is waiting for you at the door of imagination and intentionality. If you truly want something, you can have it. The only thing in the way may be the fact that you do not allow yourself to experience it. It sounds like a paradox, and most of the time it is. The very thing we want is the very thing we do not allow ourselves or even believe to be possible.

Instead of hope, harness your courage to create something new for yourself. It all starts in the mind. Journaling is a powerful way to plant new seeds for the future. So is meditation of any kind. Keep it simple and switch from hopeful to intentional and you will realize that magic is real.

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