10 Reasons Having A Flat Stomach Is Bad For Your Health

If you’re not obsessed with having rock hard abs, don’t read this. If you are, read this with an open mind.

The obsession with a six-pack is a man-made ideal that few of us can live up to and sustain… for good reason. Okay fine, maybe some of us have good genes. If that’s you, then you are excluded and may go back to eating your gluten free pizza.

I have traveled most of the world, and most everywhere I’ve visited outside the US, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the population has (at least) a little ‘belly’. Also, take a look at children. Most children, especially babies and infants, have a little ‘pouch’. I rarely come across a three year old with a super defined six-pack. Please note, I am not referring to people who are obese or overweight. I am referring to what is actually normal and natural.

Our stomach is the center of so much important information. The belly is the center of digestion, assimilation, and, if you’re a woman, it’s where your soon to be child will nest for nine months before you give birth. This area must be soft and supple and relaxed in order for effective assimilation to take place. Having a soft stomach does not imply lack of strength. Strengthening the core is a critical aspect of health, especially as a preventative method for lower back issues as we age. However, overdoing it can be detrimental to your health. Take it from me. I used to be an over-exerciser with a six-pack that required at least six hours of core work per day (not exaggerating) and minimal fat intake.

According to yoga, the abdominal center or ‘solar plexus’ is a crucial meeting point for many different bodily and spiritual functions. Not only do we assimilate and process our food in our abdomen, but we also are more able to tap into our intuition or ‘gut feelings’ in this very important energy center. The tighter this area becomes, as a result of too much exercise and/or lack of proper nutrition, the more difficulty we will have accessing our intuition. Our intuition helps guide us in our lives, and the more we pay attention to it, the more organic and joyful life can become. Without clear connection to intuition, we may find ourselves stuck in situations that do not serve us. We may find ourselves repeating unhealthy habits and patterns.

When I was dealing with an eating disorder, I stopped getting my period. During that time, I went to acupuncture in order to solve the issue in a natural way. I had heard wonderful stories of people who used acupuncture and blood-tonifying herbs to assist with amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation). After the session, my acupuncturist asked me if I work out my core often. Of course I told her, ‘yes’. She instructed me not to work my core anymore, and, in fact, to do the opposite. She told me to do more backbends and to breathe deeply into my lower belly and ‘puff it out’, like a Buddha. I will admit, I did not listen to her advice at first. I was still a flat belly fanatic. After awhile, I began to ease up on the intensity and almost immediately noticed the difference. First of all, I felt more relaxed. I also felt more grounded. I noticed that I always felt hungry when I was so focused on having a tight core, and the more I allowed my belly to relax, the more nurtured I felt. Food cravings diminished. I am much more in touch with my intuition, and I feel more at peace.

I now celebrate my little belly. I am stronger than ever, and that feeling can only be known when it is cultivated on the inside.

  1. Fertility requires abdominal fat.
  2. Digestion can be obstructed.
  3. Can strain lower back.
  4. Can cause stress and anxiety.
  5. Less access to intuition.
  6. Can hinder ability to breathe properly (specifically three-part diaphragmatic breath).
  7. Low fat intake can lead to cognitive dysfunction among other health issues.
  8. Can be associated with food cravings and eating disorders.
  9. Can be associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  10. Can be related to low self-esteem.


  1. charlotte on August 15, 2014 at 8:49 am

    OMG!! I absolutely LOVE this blog!!!! It’s one of your best yet!!

  2. Leah on March 13, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Wow, right on. Also consider the obsession with gluten and dairy. Could it be that bellies rounding out after eating is normal and that food restriction has more to do with belly obsession then gut health? Constant scrutiny towards the female belly could be likened to hatred towards the mother (womb) and a modern version of men’s obsession with “virgins” only now, women are supposed to look like virgins forever, take horrible birth control pills that stops fertility, kills sex drive and can even cause cancer, all so women can serve as the perfect virgin body fantasy with no consequences or commitments.

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