Home is Where the Moment is…

I’ve been in Bali for 4 days, though it feels like much longer. I’ve gained such a strong sense of belonging here. Since I’ve been here, several people have asked me if I live here. It seems to be standard protocol for any new interaction with a fellow foreigner.

As I observed myself responding to this recurring inquiry, I couldn’t help but notice that, though I’m fully aware that the place I came from and the place I plan to return to is Los Angeles, I actually do live in Bali… right now. This subtle yet important mental shift has radically transformed how I interact with my surroundings. It allows me to be completely in the moment, with a sense of belonging. Fulfilled. Relaxed. Comfortable. Exhaled.

When someone asks me if I live in Bali, I can easily respond and say ‘NO, I live in Los Angeles’, but technically I only live in Los Angeles in the past or in the future. Much of linguistic conversation happens to be past and future oriented. We either talk about something that has already happened or discuss our plans for the future. Of course! If we were to talk about the present, what could we possibly say? We would just sit there and stare at each other, which is awkward so let’s distract ourselves through memory and/or anticipation filtered through vocal vibration.

To live a meditative life not only includes practice on the cushion but practicing mindfulness in aspects of life as seemingly insignificant as verbal communication. This way, we will feel ‘cushioned’ wherever life’s journey takes us.

Currently I am here, and therefore currently I live here… for I am living, and I am here. Simple.

Wherever we are in the moment is home, for life after this moment is not guaranteed.


  1. Gaelle on September 17, 2016 at 2:30 pm


  2. Bill Quam on October 8, 2016 at 12:13 am

    Always being in this moment has been my way of life. At those time when the present is not where I need to be it can be a challenge to remain in the present as the steps for my future present themselves. Just like being in Bali, with less light pollution, the stars spread out in the night time sky and are clear while in Venice, Calif it can be almost impossible to see any stars. Travel to the desert or sit atop Mauna Kea and the stars spread all across the sky. How to remain in the present moment while discovering the path forward is a search much like that of stars.

    Thank you for your words – you do have a way to be concise yet present thoughts that evoke thoughts. :) Thank you.

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