Mistery Girl

Yesterday, after a long and rewarding day of work, I treated myself to a strengthening yoga class at the gym. After yoga, I went into the steam room to relax and detox even more.

As I walked into the steam room, I literally couldn’t see anything in front of me. I couldn’t tell if I were the only one in there or if every seat were taken. I used my hands in order to ‘feel around’ for a seat.

As I laid down and took a deep breath preparing for relaxation, the steamer began to hiss… it started as a low ‘shhhh’ sound yet progressively got louder and louder until I actually wondered if my ear drums were going to burst. Not only was the sound deafening, but the heat index was higher than I have ever felt in that steam room. I stayed in there, because, after all, the hotter the better.

Once the thought-stoppingly noisy mister came to a slow down, I breathed out a deep ‘sigh’. To my surprise, it was simultaneous to another sigh form across the room. We laughed. We talked about how we were feeling the same way when the mister came on. We shared a story about our workouts. She had just come from spin class. It was a sweet interaction. We laughed and connected.

Eventually I had to get out of the steam room to shower, so I bid my new friend goodbye. Upon leaving, she mentioned, ‘Wait. I don’t even know what you look like!’

We laughed again.

Then she said, ‘But I know your voice.’ ‘It will just have to be a mystery’.

The mystery girl in the mist was a great reminder of the simplicity behind true authentic connection with another human. There are so many ways to connect. It’s important to notice the small moments that bring us into the moment. That sweet time in the steam room will never be forgotten!

Perhaps we will meet again, or perhaps we already have.

Thank you, mistery girl!


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