10 Simple Ways To Make Your Life More Interesting


Do you find yourself getting bored with your daily routine? Do you impatiently wait for the weekend to arrive so you can let loose, relax, and enjoy life a little more?

Or alternatively, perhaps you live a more spontaneous life without much conformity or structure. You enjoy the journey of life as it mysteriously unfolds.

Regardless of your lifestyle and regardless of whether or not you are happy with the current conditions of your temporary physical existence, these ten tools are sure to add some delicious, adventurous, and unexpectedly exhilarating spice to your life and your health…



Intimacy is more important than food. Whether or not you are in a primary partnership, an open relationship, or just dating, connect deeply. Look into your lover’s eyes. It is said that our eyes are the ‘windows to our souls’. If you can do this, the experience will elevate you to a previously hidden dimension of yourself. Make sex sacred. Keep the lights on. See each other. Talk before and after about what your desires, your fears, and your boundaries are. Breathe together. If you find it difficult to be present with your partner then perhaps it suffices to question why you’re engaging in the first place. Is it worth it? How will this interaction feed you in the long run? Many people lose themselves to the other during sex. Mindful sex allows you to FIND yourself in the other. Two become one, even if just for a moment.


This is a lot more difficult than it may seem. Complaining has become commonplace for many. Take a day off. If others are complaining around you, just listen to them. Tell them about your challenge for the day if they try to reel you in to complain land. For bonus points, try speaking highly of someone for absolutely no reason. Complaining lowers our vibration. Just think about it. Talking down about other people, places or things causes our faces to wrinkle up, tighten up, and we are instantly mentally transported to that negative place, situation, or person. It lowers our frequency and energy and does not offer any benefits besides a temporary ego elation—similar to sugar loading and then experiencing later withdrawal symptoms—only to start complaining again. It’s like a disease. And it will probably make you fat. Just kidding. Or am I?


If it sounds awkward, good. Move into the awkwardness. After all, if you can’t express love to yourself in the form of a handwritten letter, how do you expect anyone else to love you? What you give to yourself is how others see you. Love yourself first. On a piece of paper, write ‘Dear ‘Your Name’, I love you because…’ ‘I forgive you for…’ I admire these qualities in you….’… be creative, add more, and be honest. Seal this in an envelope with your address and a stamp and give it to a trusted friend or family member. Tell them to send it to you in six months. They’ll think you’re crazy, but it’s totally worth it. Make sure they put it in their calendar (twice at least) to send it to you. It’s magic, I tell you. Pure magic.


Do you have something you need to get off your chest? Do you have a secret that you haven’t told anyone? Is it weighing you down— literally? If so, then this step is for you. Please find a stranger. Go up to him/her, and let them know you have to make a confession. Confessing serves as a huge ‘life exhale’… a weight lifted… and when we can communicate our confessions to strangers, we do not have to be concerned with giving that heavy weight to them, for they are not invested in us. They are simply there to receive it and go back to their own life.

Please also ask them questions. Be genuinely interested. Take time out of your own life to tend to someone totally random—perhaps you will notice how NON random it actually is—notice the similarities. Smile. We are all human beings. And we all have no idea why.


I always thought I was a lefty until I decided to become a righty too. Using our non-dominant hand trains our brains to develop new neuro pathways. This can lead to more developed cognitive functioning and mental clarity. Also, using our non dominant hand to eat can help us eat slower. Eating slowly allows our bodies time to digest and feel full. If you shovel food into your mouth and eat too quickly, you may not be able to notice the subtle cues your body is giving you. It’s saying, ‘HEY JOE! I’M FULL DAMMIT! STOP FEEDING ME! EAT WITH YOUR OTHER HAND!’ That’s exactly what it’s saying. I heard it once, I swear. Deal with the frustration of spilling food on your lap in a loving way- use your hand to eat if you need to. If people look at you weird, just smile back at them. Or you can make a funny face back at them. Whichever you prefer.


Warning: You will not die. There is PLENTY OF NUTRITION in fruits and vegetables. Not to mention, eating light gives your digestive system a rest which is one of the most important actions you can take for your health. Everyone wonders what to eat to be healthy, and I’m here like- um- WRONG QUESTION! Don’t eat. I know. It’s hard. But it’s worth it. Plus, I’m not telling you not to eat. Eat fruits and vegetables. Only. Fill up your tank for the entire week in one day. RELAX- You can go back to your twinkies tomorrow. (I didn’t capitalize the ‘t’ in ‘twinkies’ on purpose, because it does not deserve to be capitalized).


Research what grows locally at this time of year in your area. And by research, I mean Google. Document how you feel when you consume only local foods for a day. Descriptive words include: ‘grounded’, ‘connected’, harmonious’, etc. Remember- this is how your ancestors would be eating. They did not have access to convenience foods. They hunted and gathered animals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to eat depending on what was available. An example of something non-local: Eating mangoes in Manhattan (there is no mango tree). An example of local eating: Apples in the Northeast United States in the fall. Got it? Good. Ideally, eating locally for way more than a day is recommended.


This could be a hotel, bar, library—preferably somewhere you wouldn’t ordinarily go. Talk to people (keep the volume down if you’re in a library, but I have a feeling you won’t choose library anyway). Feel awkward and out of place. Immerse yourself in the situation (not too much if you choose a bar). Pretend to be like the people you’re surrounding yourself with. Be whoever you want to be. Don’t censor or limit yourself. Uncover parts of yourself you didn’t even know exist.


Make ‘YES’ your default mantra. You can always change it and choose ‘no’ later. Many defaults are ‘no’. We are filled to the brim with excuses as to why we shouldn’t, aren’t capable, skilled enough, pretty enough, strong enough, etc. Say yes, and see where it takes you. Chances are, a lot more opportunities become available when you start saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’. Eliminate excuses. The universe said ‘YES’ to creating you, and it’s time to say ‘YES’ right back. ‘Yes’ is more a way of being than merely a response to an inquiry. Be a YES!


Why not? If you have roommates, wait for a night when they’re not home, or do it while making breakfast instead… OR ask your roommates to join in the naked cooking party—no strings attached. Being naked does not need to imply being sexual. And if it did, so what? Sexuality is good for your health. Babies are not sexual. They are just curious and having fun exploring their bodies! We are born naked. Nudity is our natural state!

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