3 Ways A SCARCITY MINDSET Can Work in Your Favor…

Yep, you read that correctly!

If you are on the path to prosperity, you’re probably well aware that the term scarcity has a pretty bad reputation…

And for good reason!

The wrong type of scarcity mindset can prevent us from reaching our potential. This form of scarcity oftentimes shows up as not ‘having’ enough or not ‘knowing’ enough or pretty much anything under the not enough umbrella. Self-limiting beliefs that don’t allow us to show up in a bigger way can hinder our ability to feel in flow with our finances, our purpose and our overall satisfaction and happiness in life. 

That being said, despite this inspiring truth, it’s oftentimes not so easy to instantaneously uproot lifetimes of deep conditioning and seemingly ingrained traits and behaviors. 

So what to do? Sure, we can go ahead and continue to judge ourselves for having a scarcity mindset. That likely won’t propel us forward on our path. Real mastery comes when we choose to transform our relationship with scarcity altogether.  

The flame of a candle can light up a home and cook a nourishing meal. The same exact fire can destroy a village. It is not the flame that is the issue. It is our relationship with the flame. It is how we use it.🔥 

What if scarcity (when understood from a new perspective) could actually serve you and your business?

Well, it can… 

Here are my top three suggestions to replace the outdated habits that keep you feeling stuck with a new inspiring relationship with scarcity that serves your growth and preserves your peace of mind.

  1. Start small. If you still struggle with the scary kind of scarcity, that may be because you are caught in a cycle of overthinking, which inevitably leads to overwhelm. Once we make the decision to step fully into embracing our desire to grow and build a ‘business’, fear may be the automatic response. And this is normal, as we are entering uncharted territory. But we can actually retrain ourselves to respond differently. While our mind does a great job envisioning the big picture, the truth is that we can only take one step at a time. When we desire to flourish, there’s a lot that comes with it. A lot of little pieces make up the big picture, and it’s a process that requires patience and aligned action. You’ve probably heard the term ‘paralysis by analysis’, meaning the more we think about all the little details (and big details) that go into growing our business and achieving our goals and intentions, we can literally freeze in apprehension. Amazon was once a small bookstore. Remember this! You do not have to (and cannot) do everything at once. It doesn’t happen like that. And it doesn’t happen overnight. (BIG EXHALE) One small act per day towards growing your business is enough to keep things flowing and moving in the right direction in a sustainable way. So yes, an abundance mindset is a great thing except when it has to do with an abundance of self-induced pressure.😉 

Questions To Contemplate or Journal:

  • What’s one little ‘scarce’ step I can take today towards my goal? 
  • How can I slow down and get present with what’s needed most right now? 
  • Where am I letting future thinking stop me from starting now? 
  1. Keep it simple. While taking one simple step per day instead of trying to do it all in a day is a mindful use of scarcity, keeping things simple is oftentimes underrated. It may seem unlikely that a thriving yoga business could be pretty ‘simple’, but it’s more possible than you think. Not only is it possible to narrow the focus, but it’s likely one of the most important steps you can take to enhance your growth as a yoga teacher and lightworker. There are many ways I can take the theme of simplicity, but today I’m going to focus on two primary topics: Your message and your outlet.

Your Message: While you’ve got a lot of magic and wisdom up your sleeve (yes, you do), you don’t have to be the Yin Teacher, the Vinyasa Teacher, the Restorative Teacher, the Health Coach, the Life Coach, the Reiki Master, the Breathwork Facilitator, the Meditation Teacher, the Corporate Yoga Teacher and the Restorative Yoga Teacher all at once. If you’re looking to attract a consistent steady following of students, it’s wise to narrow your offerings and focus on a specific teaching that you feel most inspired to teach. Of course this can and likely will evolve over time, but just because you have multiple certifications doesn’t mean you have to be teaching everything.

Questions to Contemplate or Journal: 

  • What is my favorite style of yoga to teach?
  • What can I let go of that is not aligned with my message?
  • What is my message?

Your Outlet: Similar concept. These days, it’s easy to assume we have to be active on every single social media channel in order to get exposure and grow our business. We must be creating a YouTube channel, an online course, online classes, a podcast, a Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin, and of course TIK TOK (I still haven’t done it). Not only are you only one person, but it would be quite challenging to manage many channels at once, as it is unlikely you would be able to really build each of them out and engage with your followers. Now, I do suggest that you at least have a handle (your name/business) on most social media channels. Same image, same name on all channels. This way, people can find you and tag you in posts, etc. But an abundance of social media channels likely won’t result in an abundance of income and clients but rather an abundance of burnout from an overdose of screentime. 

Questions to Contemplate or Journal:

  • Which social media outlets are most inspiring to me?
  • What is the first step I will take to create valuable content on these channels?
  • What can I eliminate in order to simplify your social media presence?
  • How do I stay inspired?
  1. Bite-sized bliss.

Celebrate!🎉 This is one of my favorite ways to embrace scarcity! Oftentimes, we wait until we achieve our BIG GOALS before we throw a party and acknowledge ourselves for our success. And even then, it’s easy to be on to the next big thing once we achieve a particular goal. Not only do our ‘big’ achievements deserve recognition but so do the smaller successes that happen each and every day. Yep, every single day

Bite-sized bliss is a process of rewiring your brain to start seeing the good in your everyday efforts and celebrating even the simplest of victories. Celebration is celebration, and your brain doesn’t know the difference between recognizing the launch of your brand new online course or the celebration of finally figuring out how to use ZOOM to teach a yoga class. Or the celebration for finally building your website or posting your first post on social media or booking your first private client. When you start to notice and honor these mini-accomplishments, you begin to grow from a place of abundance instead of lack. You are operating from YES instead of ‘not enough’. When we spend time waiting for the future to feel satisfied, we are building from a place of lack which prolongs the process of growth. Try it out starting now! 

Questions to Contemplate or Journal:

  • What can I celebrate today?
  • How can I be kinder to myself?
  • How do I choose to celebrate?
  • What am I grateful for?

It’s about time we cut scarcity some slack.

I look forward to hearing how this subtle reworking of your relationship with scarcity serves you in your life and your business.

xo, Shayna 😊

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