5 Ways to Eliminate Procrastination and Stick to Your Plan

It’s one thing to formulate clear goals and a vision for what we desire in life. It’s another thing to actually reach our personal goals. In the yoga and new age community, there is emphasis on the term ‘manifest’. If a person sets an ‘intention’, it’s possible that that intention will become manifest, or real. As hippie as it may seem, it’s true! We must not underestimate the power of our imagination. If we have a desire, that desire can materialize. The way it materializes, though, has less to do with desperately hoping and more to do with taking action. Thoughts and ideas remain only in the head. It’s time to create and share!

The space between an idea and reality is action. Another phrase for the term intention is ‘attention with direction’. It is purposeful. It is deliberate. It is directed precisely. And.. it is filled with joy when it’s aligned with our passion. If we have a goal for ourselves, whether it’s to lose weight, kickstart our health, book a job, or call in a new relationship, these things don’t just happen. But they do just happen when we follow simple steps to make sure we don’t slip into the trap of procrastination. ‘Laziness’ is a learned habit, a choice, or an excuse at best. It’s not who you are.

Here are five ways to get unstuck and create miracles in your life:

5. Don’t do it alone. Many, if not all top CEOs and successful professionals did not climb their way to the top by themselves. When we take on too much on our own, we may feel exhausted, burnt out or depressed. This reminds me of a quote:

‘You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.’

If you feel overburdened with tasks, ask for help! Delegate! For example, if you want to take charge of your health but don’t know where to begin, hire a Health Coach. Or more simply, ask a friend to hold you accountable to your personal commitments. It’s important to have a support system to ‘check in’ with. They serve as motivation and inspiration for us to stay committed to our goals.

My acronym for ALONE:


L ittle

O r

N othing

E merges



T remendous

E fficiency

A nd

M agic


4. Are they really your goals? I used to have a goal to run five miles per day (thank heavens that goal has vanished). While I had this goal, I probably only accomplished it once. I realized after the fact that this wasn’t even my goal in the first place! It was something I thought I ‘should’ do. It was not a true desire of mine. It was someone else’s. Make sure your goals are really yours and not something you are doing to please others because you think you ‘should’, or because it’s expected of you. Your needs are your own, and they are independent of anyone and anything outside of you. Some ways to tap into your truth include: meditation, deep breathing exercises, journaling, and yoga. Our unique life’s purpose is hidden in our intuition.

3. Do something you’ve never done.



I used to ‘go with the flow’ very often. I didn’t like to plan things. It was my comfort zone. I seemed to flow along quite smoothly for awhile, but as I began expanding my business, I realized I had to start organizing my thoughts and structure my life in such a way that I can produce the results I wanted. Although my natural way would not be inclined to create excel spreadsheets and teach myself about accounting, I did it anyway! Now that I spent the time reading and researching, I feel so much more confident, educated, and balanced in my approach. The comfort zone is just that: comfortable. It’s a great place to chill for awhile, but real life happens when we challenge ourselves. That’s how we grow. Whether it’s incorporating healthier foods into our diet, asking our ‘buddy’’ on a first date, or joining the gym, partaking these events that may seem unfamiliar or slightly challenging is a crucial step on our personal development journey. I like to visualize these steps as ‘personal muscle building’. Imagine you are at the gym lifting weights. If you’re new to it, you will tire quickly. Your muscles may ache afterwards. As you continue going to the gym, after while you will gain strength and the original weight will seem easy. It is an adjustment period, that’s all. And you’ll be stronger for it in the long run. Win win.

2. Know your self worth. Do you doubt yourself? Our beliefs about ourselves can actually block us from accessing our full potential. I know several people with incredible ideas and goals, but their self-doubt is crippling. It literally does not allow them to move forward with manifesting their desires. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, then you can’t. It’s that simple. Question all doubt! Consider the opposite. Consider that you are strong and capable of fulfilling your life’s purpose.

1. One step at a time. Though our minds can visualize pretty much anything in the blink of an eye, reality is moment to moment. There’s no ‘fast-forward’ on time. And there is no need anyway. Trust your journey. Be present. Do at least one thing each day to move you in the direction of your dreams. After awhile, our actions will build momentum… kind of like a snowball gathering more as it rolls down a snowy slope. Every single action we take matters. Life happens in weird ways sometimes. Just keep going. Trust is a vital step on the path to success.

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