Food, Sex, Life, And Death: The Intricate Relationship Between Love and Fear

The three most important topics to be discussed that no one seems to want to chat about are: sex, death, and poop. I could have easily named this article: Shit, Sex, Life and Death’, but I wanted you to at least start reading it. Or perhaps I should have named it ‘Weather Report’. We all love to talk about the weather, don’t we? We come from sex, we poop every day (hopefully), and we will die one day too. Excuse my bluntness, but consider taking a closer look. It astonishes me that the topics that are most intrinsic to who we are as humans are incredibly taboo and nearly ignored altogether.

Not only are these topics challenging to put words around on their own accord, but they are each interlinked. They are profoundly connected. And they contain the messages many of us need for healing and understanding more of who we are and why we are here.

Food. Oh, one of my favorites. I feared food for nearly ten years of my adult life. Food was the master, and I was the abiding slave. Get this… Food shapes our bodies. What we eat becomes our bones, our muscles, our organs, our thoughts, and our feelings. Whether or not we know this on the conscious level, our being knows it. Food is sacred, and we have somehow become scared. It is the same word. Sacred and scared. Just mis-spelled. How is it that we as humans have veered so far from ourselves as to be utterly confused about what to eat? What happened to our innate, primal knowing of what, how much, and when to take in food? Why is it so complex? What’s missing? My mission is to educate people to re-introduce you to yourself. Literally. To re-learn what you knew as an infant. Tap into your intuition and instinct. Release fear of judgment and fully own your unique calling in this life.

Before I discuss sex, let’s talk about death… baby. The reason I choose to bring up death first, is because I truly feel death is more acceptable than sex. Death is sentimental. Despite the pain, it is sweet. It is sad. It is emotional. It is deep. Sex is not. It is scandalous. It is evil. It is taboo. It is shame. It is guilt. Let’s talk about death…

I’ve always been a reckless chaser of spring and summer… birds chirping, warm air, leaves on the trees, green grass growing… a sense of ALIVENESS surrounding me. I avoided winter like the plague. In fact, when I was just 18 years old I moved to Australia in a desperate attempt to continue my committed relationship with the sun. Winter seemed absurd. Having been raised in the northeastern United States, ice cold dreary winters and short days were a gentle reminder of the inevitable shedding we all go through at some point in our lives. At that time, I didn’t see the beauty in the bare, exposed birch trees. I saw something lacking. I saw and felt death. Totally raw. Totally frigid. Totally petrified. Where are the leaves? I failed to notice the pure vulnerable nature of the trees, fully nude, fully open, and still standing strong… free of attachment… free of leaves, flowers, birds, bees, and whatever other embellishments may come forth during the balmy times of year. But still there. I failed to recognize that this ‘letting go’… this ‘death’… resulted in an essential rebirth. Soon, spring will come. Despite the deafening silence of snow-drenched nature, in just a short time a bird will chirp. Not long now… a sprout will emerge from the defrosting crust of the earth. A new beginning will happen. That’s just the way it is.

Sex is much more serious than death. Some would rather die than expose the truth about their sexual fantasies, desires, and experiences. Some would rather engage in explicit intimacy with the lights turned low in an alcohol infused consciousness than communicate their wishes openly and show their scarred and imperfect bodies. The shame. The embarrassment. Of being human. Of connecting. Sex is your birthright. In fact, sex is your birth. The two are not separate. And the more we attempt to separate sex from who we are, the more wars will happen. The more anger and hatred will plague our world. The more confused we will be about our existence and our purpose. The more mad we will become. Sexual energy is where you originated. Your mother and your father joined energy and now you are here. You are part Mom and part Dad. You are also neither of the two. You are here on your own accord, here to fulfill a mission that is unlike any other. It is your responsibility to discover your purpose and to move into it fully. Without apology. Sex is more important than food. Sex makes you. Food sustains you. It is time to become more mindful and approach this topic through the lens of curiosity and inquiry. Dwelling in the past serves no purpose other than to prevent you from moving forward in your life. Start now. Become a beginner.

Where your fear ends is where your Love begins. The two are not separate. That which you fear is your teacher. Move towards it. Accept the silence of being with yourself. Embrace what arises when you choose to consciously share yourself with the other. Rise together. We are each mirrors for one another. Allow yourself to experience the bliss that is intrinsic to your being. Life and death are one in the same, and they are both right now.


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