Food & Sex

With a title like that, why write anything more?

I don’t know, but I’m going to.

People are either obsessed with food or with sex. Or with both. Or with neither. And the people who are obsessed with neither are technically obsessed with both because aversion is still directed energy. Obsession can be positive or negative. Thinking a lot about someone you hate is kind of like love because all your thoughts are directed towards that person. When thoughts become extreme, it is obsession. The mind is not at ease.

I want to bring light to this subject because it’s actually so deep and dark there unless light is brought to it, it will literally stay in the dark forever. It will not be visible unless light is brought to it. It runs deep throughout much of humanity. This issue is being skirted around and rarely addressed directly and honestly. I believe that the lack of awareness regarding the link between food and sex is the underlying cause of many eating disorders, among other health imbalances.

Wherever you go, you are bound to be inundated with an advertisement of an attractive person trying to sell you something to eat that will bring you pleasure. Mmm… a big juicy burger! Sexy people selling sexy food? Well, that’s just sexy. I mean, come on, the term ‘food porn’ exists, and for some, it’s actually just porn. For some, a basket of truffle fries and a rich dark chocolate bar is as satisfying as sex, or perhaps even more enjoyable because the other is not needed. It is much simpler.

But would anyone actually admit that food turns them on? Probably not. And if so, it is a red flag. When sexual energy is not flowing correctly, it will be directed towards food. This direction towards food is understandable, as food is widely accepted and celebrated in our culture. It’s completely normal to eat and to rejoice in eating. Just walk outside in any city and you are bound to see a line up of restaurants and cafes. Food is everywhere. It is widely accepted. It also happens to contribute to the onset of many illnesses, such as obesity and diabetes to name just a couple. Food, just like sex, can be healing or harmful depending on one’s own awareness and mindfulness.

It is important to understand the biological implication of food. As far as I know, my body, and yours too, is made up of physical matter. I am not talking about all of you, i.e. your thoughts, dreams and feelings, for you are far beyond your tangible self. There is research, however, which concludes that your thoughts produce ‘wave-like particles’ which can actually be measured. I am referring simply to your physical body. The part than can be touched and felt by a hand. Bones, tissues, skin, blood, etc. In order for your body to exist, it must be comprised of various building blocks that are generated by what you ingest. Food literally keeps your body in tact. It’s what you are made of. Without food, the body will not function and eventually will wither away. Food is vital. Whether or not you are a healthy eater means less when it comes to viewing food and physical matter as the gross elements that sustain your body.

Okay, now let’s move on to sex, shall we? If food sustains the living human organism, what created it in the first place? Sex. Sex creates your body which requires and depends on food in order to function at any level. Sexual energy is the creative force that brought you into being. When any type of shame exists around sex, shame inevitably exists around self. When we are ashamed of sex, we are ashamed of our own essence, which is sexual energy. If you are skeptical or even slightly curious about this topic, continue reading. This sex-related chagrin is usually not experienced on the conscious level. Again, it is usually buried deep in a dark corner of our consciousness.

Sexual repression is the backbone of compulsive eating in my humble opinion. Anything that involves all-consuming thoughts is an obsession. An obsession may not seem like a ‘bad’ thing. I personally do not like to use the words ‘bad’ and ‘good’ anyway. Food obsessions are totally accepted in our culture. They involve much more than the traditional ‘eating disorders’ (I do not like that term very much either). An obsession with food may seem as innocent as considering oneself to be a ‘foodie’ or dedicating one’s life to nutrition or intensely following a specific diet or better yet… spending more time in the kitchen than the bedroom. Food and sex balance each other. They are literally two sides of the same coin. When one is lacking,the other will take over. It is a signal to pay attention to.

Adam and Eve. And an apple. Let’s not forget about the apple, my friends. There is a connection here, a correlation. Perhaps subtle. The two are forbidden, yet the two are completely natural. Food and sex are as natural as trees growing and the sun shining. Not only are the two natural, but they are necessary. Our relationship with them is the issue. And for many of us that relationship is currently out of control and severely off balance. Our society takes food and sex way too seriously. We have made them unnatural. We are poisoning the very essence that creates and sustains us.

Under eating or over eating results in a blockage of our love energy. Love energy cannot flow. If we cannot love our bodies, we are incapable of allowing others to love our bodies. So we must become more loving to our bodies if we want to be healthy and feel truly fulfilled on all levels. It is imperative. It is more important than going on a new diet. We must be gentler with ourselves and begin to clear space for love energy to flow. When there is more love energy flowing, there will be less desire for food. It is law. It is science. It is truth.

When the energies of sex and food are in balance, life actually begins for the first time. There is an opening. An exhale. There is no more hankering for the next meal and no more hankering for the next orgasm. The moment is full enough. Now is enough. The joy of being at peace in the mind is the ecstasy that lasts for eternity.

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