5 Ways To Stay Inspired In The New Year

Happy New Year! Is it just me, or is 2019 flooded with opportunities to stay focused on what we are releasing and letting go of and what we are calling in for the New Year??? It’s awesome to have so many options to be reminded of our goals and intentions. But what happens when the flame flickers instead of radiates? What about the days when we feel less that pumped up to put more items on the vision board or sit down and write in our journal? What about the days when slumping into the couch with dark chocolate and a glass of wine seems more exciting that starting that new project or booking that once-in-a-lifetime trip…?

First off, if this is you, that’s great. It means you’re a human! Inspiration comes and goes, yet there are many techniques we can apply to keep that flame burning steady. Do not leave inspiration up to chance or a special holiday. Keep an uplifted energy all year by experimenting with these six steps:

  1. MOVE

Respiration and perspiration yield inspiration. Please read and re-read that over and over! The deeper we breathe and the more we sweat, the lighter and more clear-minded we will feel. Inspiration is not something far off in the distance. It is here in every moment, but if we do not move our energy through mindful invigorating physical activity, we will feel heavy, lethargic and quite frankly, uninspired. It is crucial to choose a fitness routine that you can devote time to each and every day. If it causes too much strain, it may not be appropriate for your specific body. Be open to switching up your routine. Look for an activity where you can breathe deeply while still challenging yourself. Yoga, brisk walking, biking, hiking and dancing are among the options.


Author and podcaster Tim Ferris states ‘You are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most.’ Take a moment to reflect on the people you hang with most often. How do you feel before, during and after? Do the people in your life motivate you, support your goals and leave you feeling energized… or do you feel exhausted or stressed when you are with certain people? Having a network of like-minded people in your life is essential to staying inspired. In fact, it is impossible to stay inspired on your own! If you don’t have a tribe, reach out to a friend and ask if he or she would be willing to be your accountability partner for 2019. Share your intentions with each other and plan weekly phone call check-ins. I offer a private women’s Facebook group for all members of Gateway coaching program. You can learn more and join here.


Can you remember the last time you planned a vacation for yourself? Even a one-day getaway? Ok fine, a massage or a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant? Observe how you feel when you initially plan something pleasurable for yourself; the excitement and passion. It wasn’t until I started consciously planning pleasure that I realized how much of a positive impact it had on my mind and my life. This is not a permission slip to plan something in the future and rush to get to that point. It’s an invitation to mindfully weave meaning into your life. This way, life has more sparkle… each and every moment…

Overworking and being busy are celebrated in Western culture, however our incessant yet reluctant attachment to doing more of what we don’t necessarily enjoy at the expense of what we truly desire, we are doing our health and our lives a great disservice. We have been conditioned to believe that we must work hard in order to earn a reward. In my life, rewarding myself is the mojo which keeps my energy and inspiration levels high which increases my productivity and presence in my day-to-day obligations, career, relationships and life.

For now, instead of a to-do list (ok, fine, in addition) experiment with writing a Pleasure List. Write down what’s truly important to you. Whether it’s a long walk outdoors listening to your favorite podcast, a home cooked meal, a manicure, a day trip, a retreat, etc. write them down. Make this a priority. Following desire is the key to staying inspired… and they even rhyme! :-)


… of healthy food.

I would suffice to say that you are also the average of the 5 foods you eat most often! What composes the majority of your diet? Studies have shown that gut microbiome contribute to our brain health, mood, energy levels and… you guessed it, inspiration levels! It doesn’t take a nutrition expert to make the connection between food consumption and mental clarity. Take a moment to envision how your body and mind feels after eating a bunch of fried food, heavy foods, candy or artificial foods. Or think of how it feels to snack mindlessly or overeat. It is difficult to feel an uplifted mood when we are feeding ourselves with foods that may be laden with chemicals or other ingredients that are not meant for our body.

I see our bodies as miraculous vehicles. We require a certain type of premium ‘fuel’ to operate at our most efficient capacity. If I put the wrong ‘fuel’ in my vehicle, the drive will not be smooth. Oftentimes, we have been improperly fueling our bodies for so long that we settle for less than our full potential.

Some ideas to jumpstart your nutrition in 2019 include:

  • Drink more water
  • Add more vegetables
  • Fast for one day per week on only fruit and vegetables
  • Avoid alcohol, processed sugar, processed dairy and processed meat

5. SEX

I just wrote that to make sure you’re still reading. ;-)

Oh, and we actually will talk about sex now… gotta save the best for last…

Gentle reminder: Our sexual energy can create a human being. Like, a real live person. If that’s not powerful beyond measure, then I don’t know what is. Whether or not we use sexuality as a means for pro-creation does not diminish the sheer magnitude and potency of this aspect of our being…

‘Sexual energy is the chief commander of ‘chi’. We must cultivate it for health, wealth and longevity.’

Taoist Master Mantak Chia

Chi is our life force; our vitality… the electricity that runs us. The fuel beyond food. According to the Tantric system, our sexual energy is our vitality. Our source of well-being. And if we don’t use it, we lose it. Whether self pleasure or conscious intimacy with a partner or even writing a poem from your heart, our sexuality is the storehouse of our creativity and, yep, you guessed it… even more inspiration. Have you ever felt more inspired than during orgasm? The word inspiration itself, when broken down means ‘to instill or invoke spirit’. In fact, in Old French Latin, the word ‘inspiratio’ means ‘divine guidance.’ Whoa, chills. Is it not accurate that the moment of pure presence and peace during orgasm are synonymous to a perceived state of meditation? An embodied connection with the same source which created us in the first place…

The same energy we use to potentially create babies is the same energy that births creative projects, beautiful art, poetry, dance, delicious meals and really whatever else your heart and being desires!

Cheers to a year filled with prosperity, peace and presence! Oh, and presents too! :-P

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Any questions please leave a comment below! Namaste and Happy New Year!

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